Biden Failed OH Disaster Victims So Bad Even Erin Brockovich Is Speaking Out Against Him

Joseph Sohm /
Joseph Sohm /

World-renowned whistleblower, environmental activist, consumer advocate, and inspiration for the leading character in a film of the same name, Erin Brockovich has become a household name. After watching the train derailment and subsequent spill and the lack of response by the Biden administration, Brockovich wants Biden to “step up” and become “more involved.”

Via Twitter she said “Doing better than your predecessor, is not doing enough. The Biden administration needs to get more involved in this #PalestineOhio train derailment now. We are counting on you to break the chain of administration after administration to turn a blind eye. STEP UP NOW.” She continued in a subsequent tweet, demanding “a massive overhaul of how we do business & how we respect nature.”

This kind of advocacy is exactly what the country needs now. President Biden has been destroying the country, and he is allowing this train derailment to destroy East Palestine, OH, and beyond. Initially, they only evacuated 2,000 people in a 1-mile radius around the crash. Now effects are being seen in places like Pittsburgh, PA, and Cleveland, OH. Both cities are roughly an hour away and have riverway connections to the area.

Farmers are now reporting dead animals. Rivers and creeks are loaded with floating fish, and the streams are different colors. People with both public and personal wells are noticing changes in their water, with some reporting stinging and burning sensations when trying to shower. Given the risk vinyl chloride exposure presents for multiple cancers, the way the EPA and other organizations are dismissing their claims is insane.

In keeping with the Brockovich story, residents and even those who live moderately close are being strongly urged to go see doctors now. Get documentation of what your health is like now because as she knows better than most, being able to prove cancer or other disease happened after this and that they were healthy before this happened can be crucial. In attempts to help the town and to stay in front of the lawsuits that piling up, Norfolk Southern has already handed out $1 million to the people in town and has another $1 million earmarked for payoffs.

People are now more concerned about the safety of rail transportation than they have been in decades. Given the derailment in Detroit that has also attracted attention, many are just now learning that about 1,000 derailments happen per year. With the Civil War era-braking technology, the rail industry has done all it can to prevent making necessary but price upgrades to their rail lines for years. You’d think they would want to avoid problems like this.

As both President Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg avoid having to visit the area, they have been silent except to say statements that others have already said 10 times, or that are incredibly obvious and canned. They aren’t honest and from the heart, nor are they helpful to the people dealing with this situation. Instead, they are largely insulting to them and it’s not what the residents of East Palestine, OH need to hear.

All these people need is someone who will stand by their side and support them while admitting massive mistakes were made. At least Erin gets it.