President Biden’s Brother Makes Shady Deal with Saudi Arabians

Zenza Flarini /
Zenza Flarini /

Joe Biden is the President of the United States. If there’s anyone who should be setting an example of being honorable, it’s him. And yet, we constantly see how his family is making money off of his position as the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

This time, we’re not talking about Hunter Biden. Instead, we turn our attention to Joe’s brother James.

New court documents have been revealed by the House Oversight Committee. James Comer (R-KY) has revealed that there’s more to be investigated when it comes to looking at the Biden family.
Beyond wire fraud, tax evasion, and even money laundering, it looks as though James Biden negotiated a secret deal of $140 million with the Saudi Arabian government. And this all happened because his brother was the VP at the time.

It all started back in 2011 when the Saudi Arabians refused to pay Hill International, a US construction company, $140 million. James Biden was brought in to help with the negotiation because, as affidavits show, they “would not dare still the brother of the Vice-President who would be instrumental to the deal.”

James had a prior working relationship with the company’s subsidiary as executive VP, holding a minority stake.

There have already been alleged confessions where James Biden said that he dropped his name on purpose knowing that it would help his case.

The investigation has been picked up and dropped several times already.

Now that the House GOP is taking the lead, we should be able to learn just how shady the Biden family really is.