Mentally Unstable Immigrant Goes on Rampage in NYC- 8 Hurt

Ryan DeBerardinis /
Ryan DeBerardinis /

Crazed drivers, police chases, and assaults are all the hallmarks of a normal Monday in NYC. On February 13th, Weng Sor, 62, decided to achieve all three in a simultaneous action.

Plowing onto sidewalks and into scooter riders, Sor brought a sense of panic and confusion to a mile-long stretch of Brooklyn for over an hour. Before being pinned against a building by a cruiser, Sor injured eight people, two of them critically. Without further incident, the driver was arrested and was heard telling officers numerous times that he wanted to die. According to a man claiming to be his son, Sor had a series of mental health problems, including violence.

Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell described it as a “violent rampage,” but said there was no evidence of “terrorism involvement.” Renting the vehicle in FL back on February 1st, there was little evidence available as to why he was in FL before NYC. According to his son Stephen Sor, 30, who spoke with the Associated Press, he had been living in Las Vegas recently. With his mental illness, he had been convicted and served time for multiple violent outbursts, including the stabbing of his own brother.

In an interview outside his Brooklyn home, Stephen talked about his father. “Very frequently he’ll choose to skip out on his medications and do something like this. This isn’t the first time he’s been arrested. It’s not the first time he’s gone to jail.” While it might not be the first time, it will likely be his last time. When his father initially showed up at his door a week ago in the middle of the night, Stephen was surprised to see him given their “rocky” relationship. “I try to just distance, as long as he leaves us alone.”

Starting in West Palm Beach on February 1st, Sor rented the moving truck for 30 days and paid in advance according to U-Haul spokesman Jeff Lockridge. He was initially expected to return it on March 3rd. Ultimate though, the truck has now become evidence, and with glimpses inside the truck, it looked like Weng had been living in the truck for at least a week before this happened.

Starting the rampage at 10:30 am, Weng plowed into bicyclists and pedestrians. Cutting through a crowded section of Brooklyn just north of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge along New York Harbor, Sor navigated the neighborhood with precision and carnage. A mixture of European immigrants, Asia, and the Middle East, the neighborhood is best known for its setting in “Saturday Night Fever” and scenes in the hit TV show “Blue Bloods”.

Weng’s brother-in-law Daryl Singer held nothing back when talking about his problems. “He’s a schizophrenic. He’s crazy. I always said he’s probably going to kill himself one day, that’s the way I saw it. He just doesn’t know how to lead a normal life. “I’m not surprised by any of this. He belongs in an institution for the rest of his life… tied to the bed, away from everybody. Because he might freak out. He might just kill somebody.”

Weng’s comments to cops as they tried to trap him “Shoot me! I’m not stopping!” was a sign that he was not only more than willing to kill someone, but that he was ready to end his own life. As illustrated by statements from his son and broker-in-law, Weng had some serious problems. It also shines a tremendous light on the way our government has been treating him.

Previously when he stabbed his brother, this mentally unhinged man was kept in confinement, medicated, tried, and then taken back off meds and released through what can only be characterized as a huge mistake. Serving only 17 months for that, and nearly a year in 2020 for stabbing another person in a scuffle, it is obvious that this man needs to remain behind bars and be a burden to the state until he dies. God knows liberals in NYC refuse to put him to death for this rampage.