Biden Moves to Jail Trump Supporter Over a Meme from 7 Years Ago

Salma Bashir Motiwala /
Salma Bashir Motiwala /

You probably haven’t heard of an American named Douglass Mackey, unless you caught a short segment about him on Tucker Carlson Tonight. But Mackey is involved in one of the Biden regime’s most outrageous assaults on civil rights that we’ve seen to date (and we’ve seen a lot of those, haven’t we?). Douglass Mackey was actually better known by his Twitter handle from a few years ago, which was @TheRickyVaughn. The Biden regime is now trying to put Douglass Mackey in prison for 10 years. His crime? He posted a meme on Twitter that made fun of Hillary Clinton voters back in 2016.

No, really. That’s all he did.

Mackey posted a meme on Twitter that stated:

“Avoid the line. Vote from home. Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925.”

Mackey also wrote some fine print on his meme that made it sound like a list of consumer product warnings, just in case anyone was actually dumb enough to think it was not a joke. Twitter suspended Mackey’s account at the behest of the FBI.

Other than Mackey and his fans on Twitter who missed his hilarious account, no one thought much of this for the next five years. The Justice Department certainly never bothered him during the four years of the Trump administration. But as soon as the dictator Mr. LOL-81-million was installed after the 2020 election was stolen, the DOJ and the FBI decided to destroy Douglass Mackey.

Mackey is now facing 10 years in prison, as Merrick Garland’s goons try to prosecute him under a provision from the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. This was a law that Congress passed in order to prevent Democrats in white robes from beating up black people with clubs in order to prevent them from voting. “Conspiracy against rights” is, of course, a serious crime. But does posting a meme on the internet that makes fun of the intelligence of Hillary voters rise to the same level?

Of course not.

The DOJ is prosecuting Mackey using this law by arguing that he engaged in a conspiracy to deprive people of their right to vote… by using “disinformation.” And that should terrify virtually any American who has ever used the internet.

Justice Department lawyers are arguing that Mackey tricked the public into voting on their phones as a conspiracy to prevent them from actually voting. Here’s where it starts to get very scary. The DOJ lawyers are admitting that they cannot find a single person in America who was actually harmed by Mackey’s meme. No one was stupid enough to actually try to vote via text message. But the government is arguing that this does not matter because Mackey was engaged in disinformation. That’s their argument for why he should go to prison for 10 years.

The joke that Mackey told has actually been around in various forms for a lot of years. Since at least 2000, in fact. Some of us are old enough to remember it. The joke back then was, “Republicans vote on Tuesday, and Democrats vote on Wednesday.”

The DOJ and the courts always used to recognize that as a joke. Since the ratification of the Constitution, no court in America has even attempted to prosecute an American for a joke, let alone by comparing a joke to the Democrats in Klan robes beating a black person. This is a new precedent.

If the Biden regime succeeds in finding Mackey guilty of disinformation and sends him to prison over a silly internet joke, how many additional Americans will suddenly find themselves guilty of the same crime? Many people share memes and pass them around with friends all the time. For the Democrats in 2022, you don’t deserve freedom of speech, and you guilty of “disinformation” if you criticize them or mock them. People had better wake up to just how much of a threat the Biden regime really is to our rights.