The Biden Tweet That Tells Us EVERYTHING

Salma Bashir Motiwala /
Salma Bashir Motiwala /

President Biden is trying to appear as though he’s just a regular Joe who is preparing for a speech. His tweet that was sent on Monday morning is simple: “Getting ready.” It shows us a binder with his State of the Union speech, a coffee mug, and a plate with some cookies on it.

Normal, right?

The people of Twitter did NOT let us down. All you have to do is zoom in on that binder to see where the real trouble lies.

A single page, for most, would have a few minutes’ worth of text on it. Not for Biden, though. It covers maybe 15 seconds worth.

It lists everyone he’s supposed to acknowledge.

Madame Vice President (so he doesn’t accidentally refer to her as the president again).

Our First Lady and Second Gentleman (because who knows how he’d refer to Jill or Kamala’s husband without this little note).

Members of Congress and the Cabinet (keep it simple because he can’t pronounce most people’s names).

And then, it even reminds him to pause.

Does our President really need THIS much help to get through a simple speech? The answer is yes, and it’s also why there are more and more doctors stating that he doesn’t have the mental acuity to perform as the President.

You can see the tweet for yourself:

We have to share a few of the gems, though…

“Get plenty of rest. Please, no yelling and God help us no whispering! Don’t forget your juice box”

“Walk in. Don’t fall. Shake invisible man hand. Bend over and whisper, then yell. Don’t fart. Harris is not the president. Lie, lie and lie some more!”

“He’s totally saying “pause” and since it’s in all caps he’s totally SCREAMING IT”

The last comment probably hits the nail on the head. So, who will be tuning in at 9 PM EST tonight to watch it happen?