Tucker Carlson Agrees with McCarthy, Let Americans See Jan. 6 Video

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had some words of praise for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Carlson loved the promise the speaker made to release 14,000 hours of video footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol building.

McCarthy spoke to reporters during a Thursday press conference and said that he believed the public should see what happened on that day.

“I watched what Nancy Pelosi did, where she politicized it. … I think the American public should actually see what happened instead of a report that’s written for a political basis,” McCarthy said to the press.

The riot at the Capitol on January 6 had supporters of former President Donald Trump storming the building in an attempt to deny the final certification of the Electoral College votes.

When former Speaker Nancy Pelosi formed a January 6 select committee, she blocked Republican Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana from serving on it. In their place, she appointed Republican Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, opponents of Trump, to serve on the panel.

Tucker Carlson noted, “Well, yeah. After two full years, after a highly publicized and highly politicized congressional committee, after endless grandstanding in the media, after unprecedented political crackdowns, after nearly 1,000 arrests, after all of that: Americans, yes they do, have a right to know what actually happened on Jan. 6.”

Carlson also shed some light on the fact that there were federal prosecutors who claimed that releasing the video footage could pose a threat to national security.

But the truth is that the footage would show law enforcement officers allowed people to enter the Capitol.

Carlson reminded his listeners that every movement within the Capitol is recorded on video. He maintains that the Democrats fear that if the American Public sees the video, as McCarthy has promised, they will discover how many law enforcement agents actively helped Jan. 6 protesters enter the building that day.”