Ukraine Dictator’s Wife Caught Dropping 40,000 Euros on Christmas Presents in Paris

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It is infuriating to many Americans that Congress and the Biden regime continue to send billions in taxpayer money to Ukraine. This whole thing would have been over in a week if the US had never sent Ukraine’s dictator, Volodymyr Zelensky, a single dime.

And the war never would have happened in the first place if a strong leader like President Donald Trump had been in office. If the lack of accountability over the funds that have been sent to Ukraine – some are estimating it as more than $100 billion this year – angers you, you’re not going to like this story. Zelensky’s wife was just caught red-handed in Paris on a Christmas shopping spree.

Candace Owens has been saying for months now that Ukrainian oligarchs in tracksuits are gobbling up real estate in places from Luxembourg to Beverly Hills, ever since Joe Biden started sending our money to Ukraine. They’re also, according to Owens, buying sports cars, purchasing fur coats and expensive jewelry for their mistresses, and dropping a lot of American taxpayer cash on the pony races right now. Because they can, and because the US government keeps stupidly sending more cash every other week.

But is this true? Owens has been viciously attacked for saying this is happening. The media refuses to look into it. They find it much easier to call Candace Owens a conspiracy theorist and claim that her statements have been debunked, even though no one has debunked it.

Well, we know of at least one Ukrainian who is spending a boatload of American taxpayer money this week and living high on the hog. Mrs. Volodymyr Zelensky was spotted on a Christmas shopping spree in Paris.

Olena Zelensky was in Paris for a three-day trip between December 12th and 14th. She was accompanied by several high-ranking Ukrainian government officials who are in charge of reconstruction. They included Ukraine Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, economic reconstruction minister Yulia Svyrydenko, energy reconstruction minister German Galuschchengo, and infrastructure reconstruction minister Oleksandr Kubrakov. A cynical person might think that Mrs. Zelensky was on a shopping spree with a bunch of Ukrainian oligarchs in tracksuits, but we won’t go there.

According to a clerk who works there, Mrs. Zelensky spent $40,000 Euros at the luxury store Avenue Montaigne in just one hour on Tuesday. With the exchange rate this week, that’s the equivalent of $42,572 US dollars. By way of comparison, the median income in America in 2022 is $44,225.

Volodymyr Zelensky’s wife just dropped an entire annual American salary on Christmas gifts in a single hour in Paris. And that’s just the one store that we know she went shopping at, thanks to an honest clerk who outed Mrs. Zelensky on social media. The entire reason why Zelensky’s wife was in Paris was to beg for more foreign aid for Ukraine. Needless to say, this isn’t going over very well with everyday Parisians. Parts of Europe aren’t even going to have heat this winter because of this stupid money-laundering “war” in Ukraine, and many people are going to freeze to death in their own homes as a result.

And the Zelensky frauds have the gall to come knocking, begging for another handout?

Meanwhile, Congress is now considering another $38 billion in US taxpayer aid to Ukraine. We’re being ripped off, and there needs to be a reckoning for this. We have enough problems to deal with in America without sending our last dime to the Ukraine dictator. Some of us are old enough that we remember when Republicans and Democrats in Congress were claiming that spending $5 billion on the Trump border wall was reckless and impossible.

We’re financing Olena Zelensky’s shopping habit, and Americans need to soundly reject this and every other request that her dictator husband sends us. It’s time to end the war. Not one more dime for these corrupt Ukrainians.