“Don’t Run Joe,” A Liberal Plea

BiksuTong / shutterstock.com
BiksuTong / shutterstock.com

Joe Biden isn’t a great president. He’s not even a good one. Just look at his approval rating sitting in the low 40s. It’s proof that it’s not just the members of the Republican Party who aren’t happy with his performance. More and more Democrats are complaining about Biden.

It’s hard not to blame Biden for everything. From COVID mandates keeping people away from work for too long to higher gas prices because of canceled pipeline drilling contracts, Biden is the root cause of it all.

And now that the midterms are behind us, many are turning their attention to 2024. Almost everyone can agree that it’s time to get Joe Biden out of office.

And a progressive group has even started a campaign of “Don’t Run Joe.” They are begging Democrats to choose a different candidate for the presidential election of 2024.

It’s almost as if they’re changing their motto from 2020. Vote blue…as long as it’s not Biden.

The campaign started just a day after the midterms. Democrats performed better than anticipated, which means that it could easily fool Democrats into believing that Biden’s poor performance as president won’t have a bearing on their ability to get re-elected.

RootsAction is the one behind the campaign. They’ve described Biden’s presidency as “neither bold nor inspiring.”

Wow, it’s almost as if a Republican described Biden as president.

In a press release that the group released, however, we are reminded that they are, in fact, liberal. They simply don’t like Biden any more than we do.

The press release read, “The threat of a neofascist GOP has become all too obvious. Bold and inspiring leadership from the Oval Office will be essential.”

So, this is a quick way of pointing to the GOP to say that we are the threat – and that Biden is incapable of taking us down.

While it would be great to not see Biden run again on the off chance that he would get re-elected, the group wants to find a Democrat who is capable of advancing “a truly progressive agenda.”
Biden is considered a moderate. In fact, he was identified as a moderate candidate to pair with Obama because, at the time, Obama was considered too progressive.

Let’s keep in mind that while Biden claims to be catholic, he has proven that he is pro-abortion and pro-transgender. He pushes the green agenda even though science tells him that he shouldn’t. And he pushes anything else that the liberals tell him to, including allowing the southern border to be open to as many illegal immigrants as can walk across.

A “truly progressive” president would be terrifying. Capitalism would be dead within a year. We’d be a socialist country heading right toward communism – and that’s not what any American wants. Of course, some Americans think that’s what they want, but the moment it happens, they’ll realize that the GOP was right all along.

Biden continues to signal that he will be running for reelection. He’s 79 at the moment. By the time he runs, he’ll be well into his 80s. He’s already shown signs of mental decline, so there’s no telling what to expect by the time 2024 arrives.

In a recent interview, reporters told Biden that “Two-thirds of Americans say that they don’t think you should run for reelection. How does that factor into your decision?”
He said, “It doesn’t.”

What does that really say about the man? He doesn’t even care if people like him or not. He’s not a voice of the people. He’s just doing whatever he wants.

When the Democrats don’t even want him, what are we doing keeping him in office? Perhaps the only answer is that he’s better than being left with Kamala Harris. Only, that excuse only gets us to 2024.

With both the right and left pushing, it’s unlikely that Biden will be a two-term president.