Cowering Democrats Brace for Political Hurricane

Jim Larkin /

Republicans everywhere are counting the days until the midterm elections arrive. The red wave effect has reached from shore to shore, and voters are ready to vote for people who want to represent American values.

Democratic candidates have long abandoned their country and adopted the dangerous ideologies of neighboring communists. They need to silence people from sharing opinions and the truth. And they have the desire to quiet their opposition.

The 2020 presidential election was a mirror of betrayal that showed how far the liberals would go to destroy a nation. They used social media to prevent conservatives from sharing news. They banned high-profile personalities from posting on their pages. And they doubled down on forcing people into the silence that wanted to tell the truth.

The Democrats are in denial as election day approaches. They cannot accept that so many people are moving away from the left and to the right. Dozens of older House liberals have announced their retirement because they know that they will not be returning to their seats in the coming year.

Past midterm elections have traditionally gone to the party that opposes the president. The crazy liberals are trying to keep their chins up as they watch longtime supporters move to the right. They honestly believe things will change this time and end up dropping in their favor.

President Biden has long turned his back on America, causing many people to think that the Republicans stand the best chance to take the House and the Senate. His socialist regulations are hurting the country and giving hope to illegals trying to cross the border before the border closes.

The Daily Wire said, “Never mind the fundamentals that strongly favor the GOP, from primary turnout to presidential disapproval. And we should just forget about the dire economic conditions and the fact that a new president’s first mid-term is typically disastrous. No, what Americans truly care about is abortion, abortion, and more abortion. As the story goes, Dobbs changed everything.”

The liberals have ignored all the stories where Republicans have won local elections in areas previously controlled by the liberals. They willfully hold onto reports claiming that the liberals are winning in critical areas. But no number of fake stories will change the reality that people are moving towards the conservative movement because they want to stay free.

The Daily Wire reported, “Just like every first mid-term in modern history, excluding 2002 which was heavily influenced by the 9/11 attacks, this one is also going to see the in-power party getting shellacked. The cry-bagging is already beginning as Democrats fret that Americans just don’t care more about killing babies until birth than the cost of gas.”

There are a lot of things that people care about. But the top things will be the issues people cast their vote for. The Democrats think that people care more about kids having the right to choose what gender they want to be. But the truth is that people care about protecting kids from those very things.

The liberals want to believe that things will be just fine for them. But the reality tells the story that a significant change is coming to America’s political landscape. The past shows that previous midterms have rarely gone the way the president would hope they would go. People realize that the new president lied to people and will not deliver on his promises. So they are ready for a change.

The left is forced to tell people that the economy is booming and that they have a plan to keep it going. But the American voter knows full well that the high prices and inflation have destroyed any growth that the economy may have seen.

The midterm election day will be a day of death for many liberals. They will come face to face with the reality that they are not as favored as they think. People will declare with one voice that they want to be free and not live under the liberal rule.