Sanders’ Backwards Thinking Exhibits Progressive Ideology

Trevor Collens /

The sad story coming from the far-left regions of the Democratic Party has conservative Americans jumping for joy. The rhetoric from the left is so off-based that it shows how insane they have become. Progressive Bernie Sanders is back spouting off what he believes to be the problem with America. And it should not surprise anyone that he is targeting the one agency trying to keep America out of a recession.

The old progressive had a lot to say about the Federal Reserve and its uncanny way of protecting the country from the liberal’s attacks on economic freedom. The crazy progressive is making the case that the Federal Reserve is not doing its part to stop inflation from running unchecked in America.

Bernie Sanders appeared on NBC’s show “Meet the Press” to talk about the crazy story that he wants all Americans to believe about the economy. He tried to tell the story that the Federal Reserve’s habit of raising interest rates is doing more harm than good.

The Daily Wire reported that he stated, “I think they’re hurting the situation. I think that it is wrong to be saying ‘the way we are gonna deal with inflation is by lowering wages and increasing unemployment.’ That is not what we should be doing.”

Sanders thinks that the Federal Reserve needs to get out of the way and let President Joe Biden have his way with the direction he wants to take the country. The old man is spouting the same rhetoric other liberals are trying to pass a month out from the midterm.

Biden and his crew want to make the country believe that inflation is a problem found around the world. Sanders continues the narrative by claiming that families suffer and the wealthy elite are not facing the problem.

The progressive leader maintains that raising interest is not the answer. He also failed to reveal the valid reason inflation is out of control which is nothing more than the government spending money they do not have. He wants people to think that inflation is out of control because of the pandemic and other significant issues.

President Biden is the reason why the pandemic lived on past its time. He is also why there are supply chain issues and a national energy crisis.

The Daily Wire also reported that Sanders admitted, “Inflation globally is caused by the pandemic and the break in supply chains. It is caused by, in my view, the war in Ukraine, obviously, and it is also caused by incredible corporate greed. And I hope everybody understands that when you go to the gas [pump], you fill up your car today, the oil companies are making huge profits, the food companies are making huge profits…pharmaceutical industry is making huge profits. We’ve got to deal with that issue.”

Sanders blames free enterprise as the reason why things seem to be deficient in America. His answer would be to lead America down a path that leads to socialism. He makes it seem like socialism is the best for all Americans. But the reality is that a socialist government and economy favors only the liberal elite, such as himself.

Biden’s inflation rate continues to survive over the 8 percent mark. Prices are so high that people have to make hard choices about what bills to pay and what kind of food they can afford to put on the table. The Democrat’s target of consumables and energy needs makes life hard for all of America.

The Federal Reserve is the only agency keeping America from falling headlong into a recession. Higher interest rates combat inflation and slow the demise that Biden wants to see happen to the American economic system. His regime and supporters have long targeted free enterprise with damaging policies in an attempt to destroy the system.

Bernie Sanders and his White House buddy do not have the answers to America’s problems. They only feed the issues that are making life miserable for all Americans.