A Slave Auction Just Happened in Yuba City, California!

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The state of California is under attack by Governor Gavin Newsom and the rest of the liberals that think it is hilarious to promote slavery and racial division. The curriculum they use in school teaches a lie about the history and makeup of America. And now, the younger minds believe it is funny to act out what they are being taught about the horrible past of slavery and segregation.

River Valley High School, located in Yuba City, California, is the setting of a controversial event involving the football team. The event was unacceptable and would lead to the team forfeiting its entire season because of one prank that involved a mock auction where white kids sold black kids into slavery.

The prank was supposed to have been funny. But the football players found that what they were being taught in school was not acceptable anywhere else in the world. The sale of humans into slavery is a terrible mark on American history. But the pranking and disrespect shown by liberals are even worse.

USA Today reported that the prank slave auction drew national attention once the media discovered it. Doreen Osumni is the Superintendent of the school district. She stated, “Re-enacting a slave sale as a prank tells us that we have a great deal of work to do with our students so they can distinguish between intent and impact. They may have thought this skit was funny but it is not; it is unacceptable and requires us to look honestly and deeply at issues of systemic racism.”

The problem with what Osumni wrote is that she believes they have a lot to teach the students. She misses the mark on what the root problem is. The liberal agenda being pushed from Newsom’s office promotes segregation right down to the classroom.

The actions of the football players were enough to get them kicked off the team, which left the team without enough players to play the game. The student’s actions were a complete betrayal towards their teammates and the rest of the school that was looking forward to watching the game.

USA Today also reported that they found a letter that was sent to parents in an attempt to explain what happened. The statement was a personalized note from Osumni. She wrote, “I received a copy of a recording of River Valley High School football team members acting out a reprehensible act of a slave auction. The recording demonstrates that this situation was orchestrated and organized, underscoring my concern that students spent time contemplating this terrible act without the slightest regard that this action is hateful and hurtful.”

Students often mimic what they see happening around them. The Democrats have promoted segregation and a twisted version of history so much that the students have grown up thinking that the issue is comical and acceptable. And now that the efforts to brainwash the youth have taken hold, educational leaders are forced to deal with terrible behavior.

The students involved in the prank are going to end up facing other forms of punishment. The concept of selling colored students in a mock auction is not funny but dehumanizing. The youth have been taught that treating others of a different color as second-class citizens is fine.

The liberal agenda in California is a picture of what President Joe Biden wants for America. He has tried to remove conservative values from the classroom by incriminating parents that speak up. He has tried to have his people place wicked literature in school libraries that young minds can look at.

USA Today also reported that this prank is not the first of its kind. Eighth graders at a school in Mississippi were found trying to mock sell-colored students in a skit to try and teach the event to students. Keffrelyn Brown is a professor of cultural studies at the University of Texas-Austin. She pointed out that the concept of slavery is not treated as a severe problem in American history. The liberals have made a joke about the issue to the point that kids think it is acceptable to make fun of it.