Al Sharpton Warns That Dems Don’t Have the Attention of Black Voters

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The way that many Democrats go on, you would think that they’ve never heard of the red wave and how it’s coming for them. The House is almost guaranteed to switch to red by the time the November elections are over.

And there’s a good reason why the red wave is coming for so many Democratic seats – Black voters.

Democrats have always just assumed that they have the attention of Black voters. Who can forget Biden’s comment about how Black voters will vote for him over Trump?

Al Sharpton has a warning for all of the Democrats. “The Democratic Party and President Biden does [sic] have some things they could be using that they’ve done that has benefited clearly Black and Latinos, but it’s not connecting. So, you’re seeing this as the polls indicate, Latinos and Black men go the other way because they’re not getting their message to the ground in the way they should.”

The civil rights activist is being brutally honest. The Biden administration has simply failed to connect with Black and Latino voters. Realistically, they have failed to connect with a lot of voters – except those that blindly follow because of what their voter registration card says. You know…vote blue no matter who.

The various Democratic politicians don’t have a clear message. It means that they’re not connecting based on their political messages or the demographic spectrums. It also means that Republicans can swoop in and steal the majority with ease.

Sharpton was recently on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC. According to Sharpton, when he spoke with co-host Joe Scarborough, the only reason that the Democrats are staying in the game is as a result of their stance on abortion and Donald Trump.

Too many politicians turn an issue into one about race when it doesn’t belong there. For example, many Democrats want to claim that the Roe v. Wade overturn by the Supreme Court hurts Black people disproportionately over white people. It doesn’t, really. The overturning of the case simply returned the right to seek out an abortion to the state level.

Black people can be just as liberal or just as conservative as everyone else – and they’re not happy about everything being turned into a race issue – and they’re going to remember that when it’s time to hit the polling stations in November.

Sharpton has been warning Democrats of their failure to connect with Black and Latino voters for a while now. He’s been getting louder about the failure since 2017. In August of 2017, he also appeared on “Morning Joe” to say nearly the same thing as he did this past Monday – Democrats are blatantly ignoring the needs of Black and Latino voters.

Democrats are so egotistical that they believe that they can ignore the Black and Latino voters while still being able to count on their votes.

The reality is that many Black and Latino voters find comfort in what the Republicans have to offer – a strong economy, a strong stance on immigration, and the desire for the states to make important decisions, such as whether abortion is legal or not.

Sharpton has been on the political scene for years. His words are wise, but they are falling on deaf ears. As the Democrats continue to lose, he can’t say that they weren’t warned.
Meanwhile, it’s to the benefit of the GOP that the Democratic politicians aren’t heeding Sharpton’s warnings.