Witch Hunt on Trump Continues To Gain Speed As the Search Broadens

noamgalai / shutterstock.com

The Democrats have made it a point to take control of every federal agency that has the power to make life miserable for any person of interest. People stand in their way or reveal the truth about their devious actions. Their favorite targets are Republicans that pose a significant problem with them retaining power in government.

The liberals are desperate to keep pushing things that brand conservatives as terrorists or enemies of the country. Their favorite event to point to is the January 6 certification of the 2020 election results.

Peaceful protestors gathered to voice their concern about the election results. The Democrats took the opportunity to claim that terrorists had attacked the government center and tried to overthrow the elected body.

The Democrats ramped up their attacks on any person involved in protesting the results. They attacked peaceful protestors by charging some of them with federal crimes. They went after Republican senators that voiced their opinion in open session. They were admonished by liberals as enemies of the state and attacked by fake accusations in the coming weeks.

The one person that has endured the most is former President Donald Trump. The liberals empowered the Department of Justice and the FBI to raid the former president’s home. They claimed that Trump had stolen sensitive documents that were deemed classified. But the truth is that the information has been declassified, and it was not illegal for him to have it.

But that did not stop the Democrats from branding Trump as a traitor and criminal. The nastiness of the left also spilled over to anyone who dared to vote for the man. Seventy-four million people are quietly classified as anti-American. And if President Biden could legally incriminate them all, he would not hesitate to send the FBI after everyone.

But that did not stop the liberal-controlled law enforcement agencies from going after those that used to work for Donald Trump. The Justice Department is focusing hard on the January 6 protests to keep Republicans from taking over the Senate and the House.

The agency issued 40 subpoenas to several top aides and other employees that once worked for the former president. They are targeting anyone that may have phone records or other devices with pictures or other information pieces that could be used to keep Trump from having a significant influence on the midterm elections.

Newsmax reported that the DOJ was demanding that these people turn over their phones and other devices so they can be dissected for any shred of evidence that can be used against Trump.
The January 6 investigation has turned into a modern-day witch hunt where innocent people are pursued until they are found guilty by a bunch of unimportant facts regarding their past actions.

The liberals are desperate to talk to anyone with information about the January 6 events. Boris Epshteyn and Mike Roman were both people that worked as advisors for Trump. The Department of Justice seized their phones and sent a subpoena to Dan Scavino.

The subpoenas were specific as to the information the liberals were looking for. Nearly half of those sent out wanted to know about the people chosen as alternate electors if Joe Biden was not installed as the president by vote.

The Democrats are going after any person who may have even mentioned the name Donald Trump privately. Trump’s former lawyers are also targeted with the recent round of subpoenas. Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman are summoned to appear and give information that they may be regarding Trump and his private activities.

Joe Biden has no regard for the privacy of the former president or his former staff. He is more concerned with gathering information they can use to accuse any Republican named in the witch hunt of treason. All they want to do is damage their competition just enough so they do not win office and take control of the government from the hands of the Democrats.