Massive Smuggling Ring Found at Biden’s Open Border

Anatta_Tan /

The crisis at the southern border continues to get worse every day. The media keeps the general public in the dark because the liberals do not want people to know what is happening down south. But the facts cannot be kept secret for long, especially when law enforcement makes a startling bust and ends a circle of crime that has made life miserable for countless people.
Border agents discovered and took down a massive human smuggling group that ended up with eight people being thrown into jail. Law enforcement found that the group was smuggling humans and was making millions of dollars in the process.

Erminia Serrano Piedra is the name behind the smuggling ring. She made millions at the expense of treating human beings like cattle as her team boxed up one human after another and tried to move them across the border. Her clientele came from Mexico, Colombia, and Guatemala.

UPI News reported that Attorney General Merrick Garland released a statement, “The charges announced today are just the latest example of these efforts’ success. The Justice Department will continue bringing our full resources to combat the human smuggling and trafficking groups that endanger our communities, abuse and exploit migrants, and threaten our national security.”

Piedra and her crew of human smugglers set the tone for how President Biden treats people across the border. Biden takes them, packs them on busses or airliners, and sends them deep into the heartland of America.

The people were crammed into suitcases, water trucks, crates, and other hiding places. UPI News quoted Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite Jr. “They packed people in dangerous, tight spaces, with limited ventilation in high temperatures, risking people’s lives and safety for money. The sole purpose of this conspiracy was personal profit. It has allegedly generated millions of dollars in illegal proceeds.”

Piedra and her crew would send trucks to the border with orders to pick up people. They would then proceed to try and cross checkpoints hoping to avoid detection. Each driver is paid $2,500 a person they smuggled into America. The massive amount of money people are forced to pay pales compared to the risk they are taking with their lives.

The smugglers bring the illegals to stash houses where they are left until a truck can pick them up. Once the pickup is made, the trucks bring the people into the country, where they are dropped off at prearranged locations. From there, the people are released into the country and never heard from again.

UPI News also reported that the drop locations and stash houses are found all along the border. And when one location is discovered, the smugglers move to another location to avoid detection.
Smugglers have no concern regarding the value of human life. They are more concerned with making the next quick dollar and moving on to their next victim.

President Joe Biden has the same philosophy regarding dealing with illegals. He picks them up at prearranged locations and then secretly transports them with buses to their drop-off locations. Once the people leave the bus, they disappear and are never seen again.

The media conveniently fails to report the illegal actions and human rights violations with which Joe Biden loves to involve himself. The people that leave his buses are left to provide for themselves. Most end up in homeless shelters across the country because they have nowhere else to go.

The human smuggling ring under Piedra’s control was of massive proportions. The open border policy flooded the stash houses with people seeking a quick ride into the country. They took advantage of Biden’s weak stance on dealing with illegal activity.

Human smugglers do not care about the human life they are destroying. They are more concerned with how much money they stand to make off each person. Joe Biden has noticed their operation and tried his best to copy what they are doing. And that’s the mess that we have to live with.