Melania Shows Off the Real Meaning of Christmas with Ornaments

Evan El-Amin /

It’s time to start talking about Christmas. Sure, you might be wondering why because we haven’t even gotten through Halloween yet. But if Costco can start selling artificial Christmas trees, we can talk about ornaments.

Melania Trump is rolling out a full line of Christmas ornaments – and no, it’s not to promote Donald Trump or boost his campaign for a 2024 presidential run.

Instead, the ornaments are going to a good cause. Because at Christmas, it’s important to think of others rather than yourself – and the former First Lady is trying to remind Americans of that. We might be dealing with a selfish administration that focuses solely on themselves, but that’s no reason why we have to be like them.

There’s a way to help others – and it’s as simple as buying a few beautiful ornaments that you can hand out as gifts or hang on your own tree at home.

The limited edition Christmas ornaments are all handcrafted. They are, as Melania explains, “inspired by the American experience and spirit.” These, along with animated Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), are available as a way to ensure that foster children are able to go to college.

A portion of the proceeds will provide scholarships to those within the foster care community.

See, rather than canceling student loan debt and leaving an entire generation to figure out how they’re going to afford college, Melania Trump focuses on the issue in a different way. It doesn’t cost taxpayers money that they don’t want to spend, and it helps individuals who can’t afford tuition – and doesn’t want to worry about the student loan burden.

The NFTs that are redeemable with the ornaments are minted onto a blockchain. The artwork is collectible and the NFTs can be resold on a secondary marketplace, for those who wish to do so.
We need hope and encouragement when all we hear is negativity from the Biden administration. You don’t hear Jill Biden saying anything these days. And anything spoken by Joe Biden is insulting and divisive.

Melania Trump designed the limited-edition “Christmas Star” and talks about her inspiration for the design. “My hope is for families across the world to use the Christmas Star ornament to inspire their loved ones with positive purpose, aspirations and values as we enter the new year.”

She wants everyone to remember that they should be aiming to reach their full potential.

Isn’t that what everyone should be remembering to do? We don’t need to focus on political lines and tear people apart because of their beliefs. We most certainly don’t need to hear our President telling us that we’re fascists because we want to “Make America Great Again.” Is being a MAGA supporter really what’s going to tear the country apart? Highly unlikely.

The ornaments are made in the United States and are available for purchase on The proceeds will benefit the “Fostering the Future” program designed to secure education opportunities and scholarships for foster children.

The program has already issued a number of scholarships – and two recipients have started their college careers during the fall semester.

Donald and Melania Trump may no longer be in the White House, but they continue to do things that put America first. If only we could see that same level of commitment from our current First Family. The Democrats love to tear Melania apart, but the reality is that Jill Biden still has a lot to learn about being the First Lady and putting Americans first – at Christmas and all year long.