Taiwan Shows It’s Not Playing by Shooting Down Drone

Kletr / shutterstock.com

Taiwan is independent of China – though try telling China that.

The communists of China want to take Taiwan back, and they’ve already said that they’ll do it by force if they have to. And China has been performing more and more military “exercises” around the island nation as if to flex its muscles and show what it is capable of doing in the event that a war is sparked.

The question is, should there be force, how will Taiwan fight back?

Apparently, Taiwan is tired of the intimidation tactics that have been used. When they found an unidentified drone in their airspace, they shot it down. And it’s the first time they’ve done that.

Taiwan has already vowed that they would be taking tougher measures against any intrusions – whether it’s a drone or any other craft flown, driven, or swam into Taiwan.
As reported by The Guardian, “Taiwan’s government has said it will not provoke or escalate tensions but has been particularly angered recently by repeated cases of Chinese drones buzzing islands controlled by Taiwan close to China’s coast.

A drone entered restricted airspace over Lion Islet, one of the areas that make up the Kinmen, otherwise known as Taiwan-controlled islands. The area is directly opposite the Chinese cities of Quanzhou and Xiamen.

The troops on Lion Islet tried to warn the drone away but had no success in doing so. They felt the best thing to do was shoot it down – and the remains dropped into the sea.
President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan ordered the military to use “strong countermeasures” against any Chinese provocations. And a drone entering Taiwanese airspace certainly falls into the category of a provocation.

Tsai’s office said that China has been using a number of “grey zone” tactics to intimidate Taiwan, including drone intrusions.

While Taiwan has no plan to provoke disputes with China, they aren’t going to sit back and do nothing while China continues to provoke. As the statement made by Tsai’s office explains, “She has also ordered the ministry of national defense to take necessary and strong countermeasures in a timely manner to defend national security.”

It is good to see that Taiwan is capable of protecting itself. At the very least, it’s not going to allow itself to be bullied. That’s more than what we can say for the United States at the moment. Biden is weak – and every nation knows it. Even Taiwan has decided that although they are a small nation, they can only count on itself for protection.

If China decides that it wants to be a bigger bully and start using more than just drones to intimidate Taiwan, what then? Will the U.S. send military troops to help defend our ally? Or, will Biden back down and allow China to have what it wants, which also means gaining full control over the Taiwan Strait?

We’ve let other allies fall, so what would be different with Taiwan? Only time can tell. Until then, we can only share what others have to say about Taiwan taking the drone down. Most are proud of the nation – and believe that their actions should serve as inspiration for the rest of us
Oh, if only Biden would prove that the U.S. is a force to be reckoned with.