Newsom Finally Makes Sense, Vetoes Drug Injection Sites

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It’s hard to make a case for drug addicts to have opportunities where they can continue to inject their bodies with lethal drugs. Many drug addicts are homeless, menaces to society, and leech off of government programs.

Our goal as a society should be to help drug addicts so that they are no longer dependent on dangerous and life-threatening drugs. Through various rehabilitation programs, addicts can learn to turn their lives around so that they can become fully independent. They can work and support themselves.

That’s not always what happens, though.

Democrats in many cities have decided that what is best is to offer drug injection sites where addicts can go and take advantage of clean needles and supplies. It still puts heroin and other dangerous substances into their bodies. But at least they’re doing so with clean needles so that they don’t have to worry about secondary infections.

Additionally, drug injection sites can reduce the likelihood of opioid overdoses and deaths. A person can receive Narcan or other medication to prevent an overdose.

Seems counterproductive, doesn’t it? Why save someone’s life just so that they can continue with their addiction?

Yet, this is happening in many cities – New York, Seattle, Portland, and elsewhere.

In California, it has been proposed. Knowing just how liberal California is, it would have seemed that this would have been simple legislation for Gavin Newsom to approve. Instead, he chose to veto the bill, shocking many with his sudden evidence of morality.

He explained his veto because “The unlimited number of safe injection sites that this bill would authorize – facilities which could exist well into the later part of this decade – could induce a world of unintended consequences.”

Newsom is right. Allowing so many safe injection sites across the state may actually encourage more drug addicts to increase their consumption knowing that they have a safety net.

The California governor believes that there isn’t a strong enough plan and that “Worsening drug consumption challenges in these areas is not a risk we can take.”

This may be the biggest way that Newsom has ever gone against the other liberals within his state. He typically jumps at signing off legislation that is passed. This time, however, he has truly thought about things – and it may be what saves the state from having even more drug-induced deaths than they already have.

If you walk into almost any major city in California, you’ll see several things – homelessness, drug addiction, and crime. And much of this stems from one problem – the use of drugs.

Considering that there are so many problems caused across the state, all rooted in drug use, it would seem ridiculous to create unlimited safe injection sites.

As CBS News reported, this legislation has been one of the most controversial. Those who were in favor of the legislation wanted to offer a place for drug users to inject themselves safely while staff would stand by to offer assistance in the event of an accidental overdose.

Those not in favor of the legislation warned that it would have condoned the use of illegal drugs.

The latter are the ones thinking clearly – and shockingly, Newsom is one of them.

State senator Scott Wiener called Newsom’s veto of the legislation “tragic.” He believes that more people will die of drug overdoses because the legislation has been delayed.

San Francisco mayor London Breed also voiced her disappointment.

What they don’t realize is that a person being allowed to stay addicted to drugs but not overdosing isn’t really living. They aren’t capable of caring for themselves. They live for their next high. They aren’t contributing to society.

And, what’s worse, is that the legislation doesn’t focus in any way on helping rehabilitate people.

Newsom did the liberals in California a favor with the veto. Perhaps there’s hope for the gel-slicked governor yet.