Putin Pushes Europe to the Brink of War

Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock.com

Vladimir Putin has done the unthinkable and started a war that has all but engulfed Asia. The Ukrainian people have fought hard to keep their army from moving into the heartland of their country. The world has watched in horror as people tell stories of the abuse and atrocities in which Putin’s army is engaging. And all Putin can claim is that he will strike at anyone that tries to come to Ukraine’s aid.

The Russian president sees his actions as justified because he claims the Ukrainian people would attack him first. But the truth is that Putin had staged his army at the border, and when everything was in place, he gave the order to invade. And now, he is seen as an aggressive person that wants to take over the world.

Many international leaders have spoken out against the invasion. But very few have taken action beyond sending aid to the war-torn country.

President Emmanuel Macron of France spoke out against the invasion. He took to the camera to voice his disdain and hatred for how Putin invaded his southern neighbor. Macron claims that Putin is acting like an imperialist who is breaking international law as he continues to wage war.

The French president commented on the 78th anniversary of the Allied landing. Nations of the world came onto the southern shores of France in an attempt to free the country and gain a foothold in Nazi-controlled territory.

For years, Europe and Asia have managed to avoid total war, but now it seems that Putin is trying to engulf the hemisphere in a war that will claim the lives of innocent people.

Putin’s war has affected the entire world. Energy prices have skyrocketed to new levels and are causing a lot of people to reevaluate how they spend their money.

War is something that affects everyone. And the pain that Putin has caused the Ukrainian people is felt worldwide. Benzingareported, “Since Vladimir Putin launched his brutal attack on Ukraine, war has returned to European soil, a few hours away from us.”

Part of Putin’s plan is to dominate the western world. He wants to control people by subjecting them to forced rule. In Putin’s world, any country that does not accept his decisions and leadership would have its energy needs to be reduced to a trickle until it accepts his ways.

Macron pointed out that Putin wants to put both continents under his thumb. He wanted to force his imperialist rule on every country, and Ukraine was just the start.

Russia has been trying to build an energy pipeline to Europe for many years. And with Joe Biden sitting in the office, he will finally get his wish. The energy pipeline is part of Putin’s plan to spread his influence and power.

Benzinga reported that “Macron said the Russian president is seeking to impose his imperialist will on Europe, conjuring ‘phantoms of the spirit of revenge’ in a ‘flagrant violation of the integrity of states.'”

Putin has captured the Zaporizhzhia plant. Macron and others are concerned that Putin’s bombings of the area may have caused severe damage to the plant. Putin has even agreed to let inspectors visit the plant to prove there is no worrying damage.

Putin’s bombing of the area has a lot of people concerned. The concern is that radioactive material will start leaking into the air, causing a lot of people to get sick. But now that he controls the largest power plant in the region, he gets to control how the power is used.

Macron labeled the Russian president as an imperialist that wanted to return the hemisphere to the days of World War II. Putin wants to control the world the same way Adolf Hitler tried to control it. He will try to put every country under his subjection and force everyone to obey, or they will suffer by having their basic needs cut off until they comply with his wishes.