Fundraising Proves Not to Be a Reliable Source of Political Forecasting

Andrii Yalanskyi /

The midterm elections bring a fresh round of hope for all Americans affected by the socialist rule of President Joe Biden and his administration. Voters are sick and tired of being lied to and harassed by the Democrats and are ready for a change. The president promised a lot of things that he has yet to deliver. And instead of unifying the country, all he has done is segregate it.

Senator Rick Scott has his hand on the heartbeat of America. He also serves as the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. He has pointed out the Democrats may have raised a lot of money ahead of the midterm elections, but all the money in the world cannot guarantee a win when voters are ticked off.

Scott pointed out that money is a crucial part of any election campaign. It allows candidates to enlighten voters on what the competition stands for. The primaries in crucial battleground states are brutal. The one thing candidates want to see happen is for their name to become a common household word. And that can only happen when there is a lot of money to help promote each candidate.

Rick Scott has also pointed out that there is more feeding the upcoming election than the amount of money. People are very concerned about how the Democrats have handled the country and are ready for a change.

Fox News reported that “Democrats face historical headwinds, as the party that wins the White House and control of Congress traditionally suffers major setbacks in the House and Senate in the ensuing midterm elections. They’re also up against a very unfavorable political climate, fueled by record inflation and soaring crime, and symbolized by President Biden’s deeply negative approval ratings.”

The president made it a point to put Americans last, and his loyal followers supported his every move. Liberal groups grew bolder in promoting their ideology for a socialist America. They attacked parents and tried to stuff inappropriate material into Virginia public school libraries. Their actions led to voters removing old leadership and installing Republican-based leaders determined to keep liberalism from destroying the country.

The Democratic Party is feeling confident coming into the midterm election cycle. They think their massive fundraising efforts are a clear sign that they will maintain power in the Senate and House. Scott pointed out that the reason they are feeling confident is that the issue of abortion has brought their voters together.

Scott pointed out that candidates need to “always make sure you’re talking about the things that people care about. They are worried about the economy. They’re worried about their kids’ education. They’re worried about living in a safe community.”

The liberals are going to try and shift the focus from what truly matters to things that are considered secondary issues. All they have to do is drive the abortion issue or some other national problem enough to cause voters to forget about the trouble the Democrats have caused. They need people to forget about the real issues just long enough to make it around the voting day, and then it will be business as usual for the liberals.

The Democrats want people to think that their party is unified and running strong. But the truth is that the progressives continue to tear the party apart to get what they want. The younger politicians want, the older ones to retire to assume control. And the moderate Democrats continue to deny Joe Biden’s success as a president.

Rick Scott admits that the Republicans need to continue raising money to tell the truth, something the Democrats want people to forget. Most voters are sick and tired of how the liberals continue to treat the country and are ready for a change. The real issue will be deciding when to cast a vote.

The Democrats sit back, look at all the money they have raised, and think they will win. But Republicans know that what took place in Virginia a few months ago will sweep across the country, and the House and Senate will turn red and nullify the plan of an anti-American president.