These States Are Demanding That Biden Pull Back the Federal Government’s Overreach of Power Into Election Processes

Michelle Patrick /

President Joe Biden has demonstrated that he does not have the mental capacity to lead the country as outlined by the Constitution. He has repeatedly tried to seize control of the country by pushing people to give up their right to choose.

The pandemic gave the President the cover he needed to take control of the country and force people to accept the federal rule. He tried to make people vaccinate by threatening them with losing their jobs and force masking by making it a requirement before using public transportation.

During the chaos, the President and his party tried to use the pandemic to allow questionable voting methods. Many Democrats pushed for places where people could drop ballots without showing their identification. And now, they want to make the unprecedented changes permanent because it allows them to sneak fake ballots into the final count for their candidates.

Biden may have tried several attempts to seize control over the people. Still, nothing compares to his Executive Order No. 14019, which strips the states of their Constitutional right to regulate their elections. The old man issued his order in an attempt to control the electoral process.

Newsbreak reported that “The Executive Order directs federal agencies to develop their own plans to register voters in those states that use an agency’s services or programs. The Executive Order further directs those agencies to share these plans with the President without first consulting the states.”

Biden found a way to get plans to regulate the election process. His way prohibits the states from being involved. Federal agencies dictate what needs to happen, and they report the changes right to the White House. There is no review process or consultation efforts at the state level. The federal government gets to move right in and take control.

The President’s constitutional violation is not going unchallenged. Fifteen Secretaries of State have joined together and sent a letter to the President’s office demanding that he remove the executive order that has given him the power to control future elections.

WV News reported that the letter dictates, “Our United States Constitution provides, ‘The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed by each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing (sic) Senators.’ As the supreme law of the land, the Constitution clearly says the state legislatures shall (emphasis added) prescribe the way elections are run and that if any adjustments need to be made, such adjustments are the province of Congress, not the Executive branch.”

Biden has repeatedly tried to pass laws by using his executive pen. The executive order bypasses Congress, allows the President to cut through red tapes, and slows the process of passing laws. But the President’s actions violate the Constitution because it assumes control of the electoral process and keeps the states from exercising their rights to be self-governing.

The letter also points out that Biden’s federal overreach of authority copies what the states were already doing to regulate voter registration and voting procedures. The laws that Biden has assumed control of are codified in state constitutions and legal codes. But Biden does not care because he believes he has the right to do whatever he wants as the President.

WV News also reported that no established law gives the President the right to dictate how a state conducts its election affairs. No laws have passed that allow the federal government to use its agencies to control voter registration or how the process is conducted.

The President forgot what branch of the government he represents. Congress is the federal agency that has the power to change voting laws. They must pass legislation approved by the President before any federal agency can be allowed to change established law.

Biden has once again proven that he cannot be trusted to do a job outlined by the Constitution.