Vladimir Putin Can’t Stop Causing Trouble As He Seeks a War With the United States

Harold Escalona / shutterstock.com

Russian President Vladimir Putin is guilty of heinous crimes against humanity as his military invaded Ukraine and killed innocent people. He has threatened other nations with nuclear attacks if they help the Ukrainian people in their struggle to survive. And he has singlehandedly crippled his people by ruining Russia’s financial center and commerce.

The list of atrocities continues to build each day that the man remains in power. In addition to constant attacks on innocent civilians, the crazy dictator has decided that the time is right to challenge the United States with the hopes of drawing the country into a war.

Putin believes the United States is out to dominate the world. He maintains that the west is growing its military might so it can spread into other countries and take them over. His false beliefs have led him to sign a document that will begin to threaten and target America.

The Russian president has become so bold because of the frailness of President Joe Biden. The president thinks he can wink at the opposition and get them back down. But the truth is that the other world leaders are fed up with Biden because he refuses to stand up and protect American allies from the horrors of evil world leaders.

Fox News reported that the Russian president “signed the 55-page during an appearance in St. Petersburg to mark Russia’s Navy Day. The Russian leader delivered a speech announcing Russia’s plans to become a great maritime power, saying resisting the U.S. is a top goal.”

Putin started his military campaign the same year that Joe Biden took over the White House. He knew that former President Donald Trump would not hesitate to intervene, so he waited until a weak Democrat was president. The spineless liberals cannot stand up to the pressures of evil leaders.

Putin spoke out that Russia is not going to bow before the west any longer. Putin was quick to slam the United States and make statements of war against the west. His new focus and campaign are to resist and exploit the United States at every chance. He forgets to mention his failures in Ukraine.

The Russian leader takes great pride in the weapons at his fingertips. He mentioned, “The key thing here is the capability of the Russian navy. It can respond with lightning speed to all who decide to infringe on our sovereignty and freedom.”

His favorite weapon is the hypersonic guns that are at his disposal. Putin believes his new weapons will be too much of a problem for the American Navy. During his speech, Fox News reported that he would not hesitate to use hypersonic weapons against any nation that wants to take a stand against the Russian people.

Russia is nervous now that Sweden and Finland have joined NATO. The Russian leader thinks that NATO is under the influence of the American people, but that is just not the case.

Putin has become delusional in his old age. He thinks every nation west of his country is out to get him. When Finland NATO, he started thinking that the United States would use his western neighbor as a staging ground for troops and military deployment. But so far, nothing like his fears has even remotely taken place.

Putin took to the airways to make his threats after an unmarked drone attacked part of the Russian naval fleet. A device hit a ship and injured several people. No one is taking credit for the attack, but Putin believes that it was a western power that tried to damage his precious ship collection.

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin are two elderly lunatics trying to run nations they are not qualified to lead. Putin thinks he is invincible, and Biden believes everyone loves him. Two wishful fallacies that will never be true…