Stacey Abrams is Coming Up Short…

Jamie Lamor Thompson /

If you haven’t heard, Georgia’s worst loser is running for governor again. That’s right, Democrat Stacey Abrams, most known for her infamous loss and incessant whining ever since, is going to try to be Georgia’s first black female to be elected to the seat.

There’s just one little problem. Thus far, she has been unable to garner the support she will need, both in general and from her very own black communities.

According to recent polling from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, incumbent Governor Brian Kemp, the same man she opposed last time she ran for this office, is ahead by about five points.

Now, to be sure, that might not be all that much, especially at this point during the race. However, it does pinpoint at least some failure for Abrams’ campaign. And more specifically, that is a failure to connect with the average black Democrat.

According to the AJC, Georgia Dems usually receives at least 90 percent of the black vote during any sort of run for office. And yet, even as a black woman herself, Abrams has only managed to secure about 80 percent.

The outlet reports, “It’s not ideal territory for Abrams, whose campaign to become the nation’s first black woman elected governor hinges on motivating core supporters.”

And so the question has quickly become, why. Why hasn’t a woman who is a Democrat, “of color,” and at one time even presumed to be on Joe Biden’s shortlist for vice president suddenly not getting support from black voters in her state?

Well, for starters, the fact that she was and still is a supporter of Joe Biden could be part of the problem. As you know, he’s not exactly the most popular of presidents. And because he pretty much heads up the Democratic Party as POTUS, even lifelong Dems of every race and color have begun to question their loyalty to the party.

Additionally, AJC reported that nearly one whole third of black voters “disapprove of President Joe Biden’s record as president.”

Naturally, if they don’t approve of Biden or even his party, the chances of them choosing Abrams may be rather slim.

Another issue for her is that she has been one of the loudest and most vocal supporters of movements like “defund the police,” which has now shown to be not such a great idea.

Naturally, she stood with a great many in 2020 who opposed the so-called corruptness of police and law enforcement in general. And in 2021, she joined a nonprofit known as The Marguerite Casey Foundation, which among other things, has been staunch in its support of both abolishing and defunding police nationwide.

Now, however, the nation has seen the proof that police are necessary to keep the peace. For example, in Abrams’ home state of Georgia, crime is soaring. Homicides jumped a whopping 55 percent from just 2020 to 2021.

So, people may not be too inclined to vote for a person who won’t support methods to keep them safe and protected, particularly when neighborhoods of color seem to be receiving the brunt of the problems.

There is, of course, the fact that Abrams hasn’t done much of anything since her last run for the Governor’s mansion except float around in certain circles that might make her more eligible for an office of some kind one day, exclaiming about how she was cheated out of her rightful seat. And not everyone likes the idea of rewarding a sore loser for constantly whining.

It looks to be that another loss is coming for Stacey Abrams. This time, I don’t think she’ll be able to get away with the whole “they cheated” line she used the first time, though. Or at least no one is going to buy it. Then again, we didn’t the first time around, either.

Suffice it to say, if Abrams doesn’t change something, and soon, she’s likely to end up like Bernie Sanders – the ever candidate, never the winner. And no, another “you ain’t black…” line won’t work either.