High Prices Take Its Toll on American Households

SrideeStudio / shutterstock.com

Consumers are worried about many things with Joe Biden sitting in the office. The inflation rate, botched-up southern border, and high prices are at the top of the list. The president and his worthless staff even tried to bring back the COVID-19 virus for people to worry about. But no one cares as they did two years ago because it has been proven to be nothing more than another cold virus.

The primary concern for most households is the high consumer prices. Back-to-school shopping is about to start, and some are wondering if there will be enough money to get all the supplies needed for kids to start the new year.

Major store chains count on this time of year to help make budgets strong. But many families are struggling because of the higher prices.

NBC News reported that low- and middle-income families would have to get creative to afford the supplies kids need to start school. NBC stated, “Many middle-income shoppers such as Sam Waldorf, a 33-year-old mother of four in Fort Campbell, Tennessee, have lived comfortably throughout the pandemic. But her husband’s Army salary of about $80,000 doesn’t go as far now. Waldorf said she plans to get a part-time job in retail to help cover the higher costs of sending her kids to school this year.”

Joe Biden does not have a clue as to how his ridiculous policies are hurting people. Food costs have increased by 100 percent, and gas prices have inflated beyond affordability.

Waldorf noted that she used to spend $800 on school supplies, but in the new year, she will only be able to spend 25 percent of that amount. The cost of paying for extra items is too extreme for many people.

NBC News also reported that “The National Retail Federation, a retail trade group, estimates U.S. shoppers will spend $37 billion this back-to-school season, matching last year’s record, with households averaging $864 apiece. With inflation at a four-decade high of 9.1%, the share of consumers expecting to shell out more than $500 on school-related purchases this year shot to 25% from just 7% last year.”

Biden has done a great job of making life difficult for many Americans. He has also succeeded in dividing America by how much a person earns. Wealthier families will not feel the effects of inflation as much as low-income families.

The sad reality of a divided America is that low-income kids will have more difficulty being social. The unmeasurable mental effect of secondhand clothing and a lack of supplies on some kids will be devastating. A lot of what makes children converse is having confidence in how they look.

Biden’s reluctance to fight inflation and help alleviate the consumer problems worsen things. The president and his administration may boast that people are earning more, but the high prices have sucked it all up. The inflation has taken away the extra income families once enjoyed.

Retailers understand that consumers are making cuts to their budgets. But the uncertainty of the future looms. A Biden-inflicted recession means doom for many families.

The inflation rate is taking its toll on people and forcing them to get creative. Some families shop at multiple stores while soaking up the deals and savings on select items.

Retailers are also getting creative with the type of deals and savings they offer. Ultimately, they want to attract people to their stores so they can take as much of the consumer market as possible.

The sad reality of the consumer market is that most families struggle to make ends meet. But the creative spirit of the American people is helping those in need find a way to navigate through Biden’s mess. Relief will come once the Republicans retake control of Congress and, eventually, the White House.