Air Force Pilots Train to Include Commie Air Tactics

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The Air Force is always training to ensure that they are prepared to handle what they might be up against next. And it seems that they already know that it’s inevitable that they’ll be fighting against Russia sooner rather than later.

As a way to prepare, Air Force pilots are focusing on a few Commie air tactics. This includes using Russian-made helicopters within their training drills.

American Air Force chopper pilots have been facing off against the Mil Mi-24 gunship, which is a Russian-made attack helicopter. The week-long drill has been taking place in Lancaster, Texas, carried out by the 41st Rescue Squadron.

Major Matthew Keough explained, “There are only a few [Hind gunships] that exist in the country and we were able to come out here and fight against an actual threat helicopter.”

This is good news for the Air Force, and for the United States. It means that our pilots will be better prepared in the event that they are forced to go up against Russian pilots. The air tactics vary based on the type of aircraft one is going up against. And knowing how the “Hind” gunships work will be an advantage.

The advantage, of course, is for all NATO allies. There’s no telling when the Air Force pilots will be deployed to take on Russia. Putin is doing a lot more grandstanding as if to dare us to get involved. And it’s looking more like “when” rather than “if” in terms of when we will go head to head with the Russians.

Russia has yet to be able to take down Ukraine, even though they’ve been throwing everything they have at the country for months now. It’s possible that Russia will simply move onto another Baltic nation that they think that they can take out easier, like Norway or Sweden. Should they do that, though, it’s possible that NATO will get involved.

At this point, Russia has to realize that it cannot win. Though, Putin’s ego may not allow him to be capable of such rational thought.

As such, the Air Force continues to focus on training that will familiarize more pilots with the commie air tactics that will likely be used.

World War III may be just around the corner.

The main concern seems to be whether Russia will be using nuclear and/or hypersonic missiles. They have definitely threatened the use of such. So, while we’re focused on attack helicopters, there may be a bigger threat waiting in the mist. That begs the question of what we are capable of handling. Can we take Russia down if they do deploy hypersonic missiles and nuclear weapons?

If the Air Force or any other military branches are training to prepare against such tactics, it’s highly classified.

Until we know more, all we can do is wait and hope that our military installations are doing enough to keep us all safe. In the meantime, we already know that A-10s are now being sent to Ukraine so that they can continue to fight against Russia.

Yeah, it’s definitely looking like WWIII is inevitable. Buckle up, this is going to be a bumpy ride.