Pelosi Leads Democrats Into Passing a Bill To Help Eliminate More Unborn Children


The Democrats are up to their old tricks of trying to sneak into law things that would drastically change how things are handled today. Nancy Pelosi is still furious over the Supreme Court ruling that took away federal backing for the legalization of abortion. She is leading her party to pass a bill that a person has the right to use contraceptives under federal law.

At first glance, the bill seems to make sense. But there are secret and subtle measures that allow the Democrats to have an edge on what they view as a right to kill unborn children. Pelosi’s bill passed 228-195 in favor of legalizing the use of contraceptives. The bill is more than an attempt to attract voters to their cause.

Abortion supporters are furious that they no longer have the federal backing to kill an unborn baby. They are desperate to support any politician that can at least give them some false hope for the future. These insane people think it is the world’s end that the Supreme Court overturned the Roe vs. Wade case from 1973.

Kathy Manning is a Democrat still trying to fathom and understand what the changes mean for the future. Newsbreak reported that she said, “This extremism is about one thing: control of women. We will not let this happen.” The court’s ruling has nothing to do with controlling people. It simply returns the right of the states to decide what is best for their people.

Pelosi and her followers are scared that the Republicans and Supreme Court will find a way to restrict and change other laws. They view conservatives as terrorists and extremists determined to subjugate women into slavery. But the truth is that women already have the choice to use contraceptives. And the Republicans are quick to point out there is no movement to change it in the future.

Claudia Tenney is a Republican serving the people of New York. Newsbreak pointed out that she said, “If we allow the majority to undermine constitutional safeguards for an imagined and fake emergency, they will create more imagined emergencies in the future to violate and undermine our constitutional principles.” She also mentioned that the liberals want to “distract and scare the American people and score cheap political points.”

The fight for life is nothing more than a political game with the Democrats. And while the nation watches for their decision, Pelosi and her followers are secretly trying to bring back a vote to legalize abortion on a national level. At the same time, the House waits for the Senate to work through the issue.

Pelosi’s attempt to bring abortion back is futile at best.

The Democrat’s fake crisis bill mandates that people be given access to any way to stop a pregnancy. They even want women to access devices that force an abortion through medical means. Some contraceptives kill the pregnancy after conception has taken place. The bill also allows patients to sue doctors and medical facilities that refuse to cooperate with the law.

Newsbreak also reported that Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America accused Pelosi and the Democrats of using the bill to salvage the abortion market. They stated that liberal lawmakers want to give people a chance to take deadly chemicals to abort their children.

The contraceptives supported by the liberals are dangerous for human consumption. Each method introduces chemicals to the human body that essentially poisons the unborn child.

The entire process of trying to force a worthless bill is pointless.

The Republicans are not trying to change the things that Pelosi claims. There are plenty of ways to prevent conception which is not abortive. The liberals want to find a way around anti-abortion laws so selfish people can get out of raising a child. The point of legislation is to take action on real issues that affect everyday life. But Pelosi and her followers are content with using legislation to perpetuate their political careers.