Kamala Harris as President? It Could Happen…but Will It?

TeddyandMia / shutterstock.com

There’s a lot of uncertainty about 2024. Plenty of politicians are announcing that they have plans to run. And Kamala Harris has stated that she plans on being Joe Biden’s running mate for 2024, just as she was for 2020.

There’s just one problem. Joe Biden might not actually run in 2024. He’ll be 81 years old. And if you think he’s showing signs of dementia now, just give it a few more years. He’s already got a low approval rating, so it’s unlikely that he’d muster up enough support to win.

If the Democratic National Party is smart, they’d choose a different candidate.

Without being automatically tacked onto Biden’s ticket, Kamala Harris could find herself out of a job. There’s no open position where she could hope to get into the Supreme Court. And if a member of the GOP wins the presidency, there’s no hope of getting appointed as a cabinet member.

She could go crawling back to California and seek out another term as the district attorney, but that’s unlikely, too.

There’s really only one thing for her at this point – POTUS. We already know that she wants the position because she ran during the Democratic presidential primaries. However, most people found her to be insincere. She attacked her candidates based on race. It wasn’t pretty. As a result, she had no choice but to cancel her campaign and hope that the winner of the primaries would tap her to play the role of VP. And that’s exactly what happened.

If she decides to run, and that’s still a big “if,” she’d have to do quite a bit to prove that she’s capable of doing the job. She’s not even doing a good job as the VP. Of course, if you listen to her staff, it’s because Biden isn’t allowing her to spread her wings and fly.

One of her first tasks was to address the southern border crisis. It took her forever to actually go down to the border, and when she did, she didn’t stick around long enough to see the biggest issues. She claimed that she’d look at the “root cause.” Then, it came out that she hadn’t had contact with any of the leaders within the Golden Triangle for over a year.

She helped to pass the American Rescue Plan, which is what helped to drive the country further into the inflated state that we’re in right now.

She got to be the first woman to at least act as president because Biden was under anesthesia. While Harris likes to parade this as a feather in her cap, the reality is that she was the acting president for all of 85 minutes.

Her approval rating is lower than Dick Cheney’s, and he shot someone.

The New York Post decided to have some fun by glimpsing into the future as to what a presidency with Kamala Harris at the helm would look like. “Illegal immigration has exploded after Harris declared an immediate path to full US citizenship for anyone who turns up to attempt illegal entry on the southern border and identifies as a legal immigrant, saying: ‘self-identity is the bedrock of this administration. Under my presidency-of-indeterminate-gender, people have the right to be who they want to be! Hahahahaha!”

If Kamala Harris has the ego to run as president, her run will likely be as successful as her attempts for 2020. Perhaps even worse now that we know a bit more about her.

What will most likely happen is that there will be focus groups conducted to see how Kamala Harris would fair in the primaries. That’s when she’ll be given a good, healthy dosing of truth: the American people don’t like her, and they don’t have faith in her ability to turn the country around.

Whether it’s Biden or Harris running in 2024, it’s likely that any Republican can beat them at this point.