AOC Tries to Play the Victim, But Fails…

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If you didn’t know, New York socialist and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a victim. Or at least that’s what she tried to establish on Monday in another all too public and dramatized Twitter post.

She was responding to an event that took place last week, in which conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was driven out of a Washington DC restaurant by a group of pro-abortion protesters.

As you well know, Kavanaugh and pretty much all other conservative justices have recently become the target of the liberal left and pretty much anyone who has an opinion on SCOTUS’ recent abortion decision, in which the infamous Roe v. Wade was reversed, making the legality of abortion a state and not a federal issue.

Needless to say, there are a great many in the country who aren’t happy with this decision, and apparently, quite a few who are willing to make that feeling known to the justices they feel are responsible for the decision – even if that means showing up at a restaurant where he is eating and intimidating him.

According to sources, the mob’s sudden appearance and not-so-peaceful demeanor caused Kavanaugh’s security detail to hastily push him out of a Morton’s Steakhouse back door to avoid danger.

Unsurprisingly, AOC tried to 1) make light of the potential danger the justice could have been in and 2) make herself out to be the bigger victim.

In her Monday post, she wrote, “Republicans love to ask ‘what would happen if the right-wing harassed someone in [a] restaurant?? As if they haven’t been doing that since Day 1.” Accompanying the post were several pictures taken from three years ago when a conservative commentator, Caleb Hull, photographed AOC sitting in a diner with her chief of staff.

She added, “These are their own tweets from 2019! So the answer of what happens when it’s a Dem is: nothing. 0 sympathy for hypocritical whiners.”

There’s just one problem with this supposed comparison – well, several, actually.

First, AOC was not in so much danger that she had to be whisked out the back door.

In fact, she didn’t even know that Hull was photographing her until a much later date when the pictures were published. As you can see from the pictures, Hull didn’t even actually enter the eatery. Instead, he stood outside and took his photos from a distance.

Thanks to the invention of the camera and, more recently, cellphones that include a camera, pictures can be taken at great distances of just about anyone and anything with or without someone’s knowledge. And doing so does not mean they are victims of a potential crime or an instance where possible harm could have occurred.

As I mentioned above, AOC didn’t even know she had been photographed until a later date. So there’s no way that, at the time, she had felt in danger or threatened.

Kavanaugh’s experience, on the other hand, was much different. There was literally a mob of protesters standing outside the restaurant, which made it clear that they were there to intimidate him, which in and of itself is a crime, as he is a member of the court.

You might remember that just last month, he actually was the target of an assassination attempt. A man showed up at his family home with a knife, loaded gun, duct tape, and rope, hoping he could abduct and then kill the conservative justice. So forgive him and his security detail for considering that physical harm might be the purpose of any angry-looking mob coming in his direction.

In contrast, no one harassed AOC back in 2019.

As Hull countered to her recent post, he merely took a photo of her while sitting with her chief of staff who was eating a hamburger at the same time that AOC had just “advocated for reducing hamburger intake because cows fart.” The post was meant to prove that the socialist lawmaker didn’t really care about the environment and “climate change” so much as getting her name in the spotlight.

But as AOC just proved again, she has no problem showing off her hypocrisy all on her own, as well as her overly dramatic tendencies.

A “horrible comparison,” indeed.