Biden DHS is Spying on All Trump Supporters’ Social Media Posts

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We’ve known from day one that the Biden administration was going to be creepy, authoritarian, and un-American in ways that none of us have seen in our lifetimes. The guy was sworn in behind tens of thousands of troops and razor wire like some Latin American Generalissimo dictator, after all. But most people don’t actually realize the lengths that the Biden regime is going to in order to persecute Trump supporters and spy on us. The Heritage Foundation was tipped off to a new technological way that Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is spying on us, and they’re suing for the details.

This is only the second time since it was founded in the 1970s that the Heritage Foundation has sued the government. The problem is that serious.

The Biden DHS is using a new technology called “Babel X” to spy on the social media posts of Americans, and it’s doing keyword searches, and something called “sentiment analysis” to identify “threats.” The Heritage Foundation’s suit is asking a federal judge to force the Biden DHS to turn over all documents related to the Babel X program, and documents related to the contracts with a company called PANAMERICA COMPUTERS, Inc.

According to the suit, the Babel X software has multiple ways that it can be used to spy on Americans. For instance, it tracks the location of your cell phone at all times. Users who purchase a permit to use the software can track social media posts across the entire world in more than 200 languages. It can listen to all of your smartphone conversations. You don’t get a say in any of this, and there’s no warrant issued for the government to spy on you in this way using your cell phone. It’s just something the government is doing because it can.

The FBI purchased 5,000 Babel X permits earlier this year for $1,000 apiece. The FBI also has an option to purchase up to an additional 27,000 permits from the company.

The FBI’s use of Babel X is separate from what the Heritage Foundation is suing DHS for, however. We don’t know how many Babel X permits DHS has purchased, or what they’re using it for specifically, because DHS is refusing to answer any questions and won’t respond to Freedom of Information requests about it.

Here are some of the other creepy spying abilities of this technology, according to the Heritage Foundation’s filing.

It can “decipher insights” across more than 200 languages using linguistics technology. It can filter everything that you type into a social media channel and everything you say in a phone call based on “keywords, hashtags, language, authors, emojis, dates/times, regular expression.” The software performs “sentiment analysis,” which is another way of saying it can detect your political sentiments, and whether or not you support Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. And finally, Babel X can “detect relationships.”

In other words, if you use a social media channel like Twitter, Facebook, or Donald Trump’s Truth Social, or if you own a cell phone, Joe Biden’s DHS likely has an extensive file on you and knows everything about you. The agency knows your political sentiments. It knows whether you complain about the woke curriculum at school board meetings. It probably knows how you vote. It knows all the people who you have social relationships with, both online and in-person (great blackmail tool, huh?). And once again, all of this personal information on Trump supporters is being gathered by the Department of Homeland Security without a warrant.

With Joe Biden running the show, the entire federal government likely views YOU as the main threat. If the Heritage Foundation succeeds in getting this information released, we’ll keep you posted.