Democrats Attack Ron DeSantis to the Point That The Media Is Over It

The Democrats are playing dirty politics against those they believe are the biggest threat to their power. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one of those people. He has singlehandedly stood against and fought the liberal establishment to keep them from overrunning his state. And now that election time is coming up, the liberals are retelling their lies, hoping this time around people believe them.

The Daily Wire reported that two Democratic activists are claiming that “DeSantis was forcing students and teachers to ‘register their political views with the state’ or ‘identify their political affiliation to Florida’s GOP state legislatures,’ had first been debunked last year after The Washington Post and The Hill made similar claims.”

The two activists are taking a year-old fake story and spinning it as accurate. They hoped that the media would take off with the story. But so far, all they have received is a rebuke from the media for spinning an old lie that has long been disproven.

The Hill put out the initial story according to the Daily Wire. The Hill reported that DeSantis was forcing students and faculty to declare what their political beliefs were. They claim he wants to know where everyone stands so he can begin indoctrinating them with conservative ideas.

Once that fake story hit the airways, Democrat Jon Cooper and Dash Dobrofsky would take to pushing the story on social media, hoping people would buy into the refreshed lies. Cooper would tweet the piece from the Hill, and Dobrofsky proclaimed, “Ron DeSantis is forcing teachers to identify their political affiliation to Florida’s GOP state legislatures. If the Legislatures aren’t ‘satisfied’ with the answers, they can defund those public schools. This is not Freedom of Speech. This is Fascism.”

Dobrofsky also incorporated trumped-up videos to convince people that everything they see on video is authentic. The Democrats have lied so much that they have run out of fake narratives to push, so they must resort to resurrecting old ones hoping that everyone has forgotten about them.

But the efforts of the two Democrats caught pushing fake news were enough for the liberal media to vomit. ABC News would report that the claims were fake and stated that the news was proven to be inaccurate. The idea that DeSantis would force people to do things that were a matter of privacy is absurd.

ABC News even went on to tell these two witch hunters to get their facts straight before making outlandish claims. The mass media could learn something from their advice. They are just as guilty of publishing false stories because they never check their facts. And even worse, they claim to have secret sources they cannot reveal because those sources do not exist.

The great thing about the attack was not only the liberal media attacking their nutjobs, but Ron DeSantis was able to fire back and disprove the accusations. They helped prove that he is an honest man and does not seek to violate the personal freedoms of the people that he serves so well. The fake Democrats essentially gave the Governor another victory over the liberals.

The truth about the bill that DeSantis signed into law states that students and their teachers be asked if they can speak their opinions about politics while on campus without being censored or attacked by others.

The Democrats have locked down the ability of many people to voice their opinions by openly attacking their views in public. They rob people of their right to speak up and provide an accurate account of events. The Governor wants to ensure that students and teachers can freely share their thoughts without having their First Amendment rights trampled on.

But this time, the lies returned and proved the Governor confirmed the opposite. He works for the people and seeks to live free without interference from those who would strip away the freedoms that so many Americans enjoy every day.