Demand for Toddler Vaccines Collapses 1 Week After Launch

Yuganov Konstantin /

How much of a genius does Florida Governor Ron DeSantis look like right now? 49 of the 50 states pre-ordered Pfizer’s COVID shots for babies and toddlers, spending taxpayer money before knowing whether there would even be any demand. DeSantis was excoriated by the media and accused of wanting to kill children (of course) because he made the wise decision to wait and see if demand for the shots existed. More than a week after the shots for little kids and babies were available, we can say conclusively that DeSantis was right. No one wants these shots for their kids.

Joe Biden’s CDC rolled out the Shots for Tots program to try to lure parents into injecting their babies and toddlers with these experimental medicines. The problem with that idea is that so many parents have been hit with negative side effects – sometimes life-changing negative side effects – that demand for the vaccines has fallen off a cliff. Omicron is just not a dangerous strain of COVID, and there’s evidence that vaccinated people struggle with Omicron more than the unvaccinated. Who would inject their young child with this stuff, knowing all the potentially negative consequences?

The health director for New York State showed up at a vaccine clinic last week with TV news crews in tow, expecting to find long lines as people rushed in to vaccinate their 0 to 4-year-olds. The place was empty.

Sesame Street jumped in to try to push the vax propaganda on little kids. Elmo got vaccinated for COVID. That strategy backfired as well. Within a few hours, the Babylon Bee posted a satirical article about Elmo dying of myocarditis within hours of getting the shot – “something that almost never happens among 3-year-olds.” The Babylon Bee’s daily readership is about 7 times larger than Sesame Street’s viewership these days.

Just how bad is the vaccine rollout for babies and toddlers? We know the answer to that based on daily shot data posted at the CDC. In most states, only 1% of the most die-hard vaccine zealots rushed out and got their kids vaccinated. The most heavily vaccinated state in the country – California – is leading the way with around 2% of infants and toddlers vaccinated. No one seems to want these shots for their young children, and that’s a good thing.

There’s also the fact that the vaccine safety trials for children in this age group were terrible and sketchy. Out of 4,200 kids whose parents signed them up for safety trials for this age group, 3,000 of them dropped out before finishing the study. They took the first shot, but, then, their parents withdrew them. There’s no data on what happened to those 3,000 kids. The 1,200 who remained in the safety trial fared pretty well. But you have to wonder when two-thirds of the trial participants dropped out after the first shot if something bad happened. The trial should have been declared moot, and Pfizer should have been sent back to the drawing board to try again.

Even though the vaccine rollout for infants and toddlers has been a bust, Pfizer still got paid. All the states that pre-ordered huge batches of shots for their citizens handed Pfizer a big payday, courtesy of the taxpayers. Those shots are now going to sit in freezers in medical clinics until they expire because parents have wised up to the fake narrative over the COVID shots.

Infants and toddlers are simply at no risk from COVID unless they are already very sick. They are, however, at risk of every potential side effect, up to and including death, that the COVID shots can cause. Parents are saying “Thanks, but no thanks.”