Ignorance is Bliss and DC is a State?

Cvandyke / shutterstock.com

Democratic abortion supporters are ticked off regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling that Roe v. Wade is overturned. The beloved law that enabled them to murder legally was shot down by a court that believes all people have the right to live and the states should have the power to decide the matter for themselves. The era of forcing people to accept murder has finally ended. And now the liberals are taking to the streets and showing just how ignorant they have become.

Monisha Williams is a person connected with a Planned Parenthood clinic in the Washington D.C. area. She claims that people come in by the droves to have an abortion performed. She stated, according to Politico, “‘Our patients come from D.C., Maryland and Virginia,’ she notes, along with the newcomers flocking to the District that now live in the apartments and condominiums sprouting up around the health care center. And if abortion were banned in the District of Columbia, where would they go? ‘That’s a question we might have to answer.'”

The ignorant liberal believes that D.C. somehow has the same rights as the states to determine what is best for itself. Except that the tiny District is not a state and does not have the same rights to govern itself the same way the 50 states can.

Congress governs Washington D.C. The tiny mass of land must adhere to the laws put out by Congress. Williams clearly does not understand how the system works in D.C. area. The only reason D.C. gets to do the things that it does now is because the liberals control Congress.

Politico reports, “Some conservative Republicans are already vowing to introduce legislation banning abortion in D.C. They succeeded years ago at prohibiting D.C. from using federal or local tax dollars to fund abortions. Now one of the most vocal is Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.). He says that the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade will be ‘at the forefront’ of his focus next Congress, adding in an email, ‘I look forward to ending D.C.’s failed experiment of Home Rule once and for all.'”

The Democrats are scared to death that the freedom D.C. has right now to kill people will be taken away once the Republicans regain control of Congress. Some liberals want to see D.C. added as a state, but that would tip the balance of power in their favor for years to come as new seats would be added to a Senate that is already evenly divided.

D.C. is a heavily blue region. The Republican Party has only a rare presence in the District. The liberals fear that the conservatives are going to pull away what the liberals perceive as their right to murder the unborn once the Senate returns to Republican control.

Dr. Laura Meyers is the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington. She fits in the same ignorant group as Williams does. She maintains that D.C. should be left to decide what is best for the people. She clearly does not get that concept. Except D.C. is not a state. In order for D.C. to become self-governing, the District would have to apply for statehood, which will not go over well for the Republican party based on the division of the Senate.

The Democrats cry foul every time their efforts to add a new liberal state to the Union are terminated. They think the Republicans do not want to give the District the right to function as a state. But there are more enormous ramifications that must be considered. A new liberal state would tip the balance of power in the Senate to the Democrats, and they would essentially control the Legislative Branch. America would cease to be a land ruled by the people.

For any liberal to assert that D.C. has the same rights as the 50 states shows that they do not understand how the process works. And for them to claim that D.C. should be made a state shows that they intend to deceive people into thinking that the Republicans are an oppressive party not willing to add another state to the Union.

But the larger picture is what the conservatives see. And the balance of power must be maintained to keep America a true Republic governed by the people’s will.