Biden Finally Begins to Fill in Border Wall Gaps… But Check Out His Reasoning!

Rebekah Zemansky /

If Democrats have done one thing well over the past going on three years of being at the helm, it is to worry about the environment. In fact, it seems that concern has guided nearly every move and decision both the Democratic majority in Congress and the White House have made in the last couple of years.

Shutting down oil pipelines that would have employed thousands and kept now-soaring gasoline prices low? Biden did it to save the environment. Why the push for electric vehicles? To protect the environment. Hell, even Trump’s infamous border wall is now being built for that sole reason.

And no, I am most certainly not kidding.

I know; Biden and his friends said the wall was a waste of time and money. They also said it would harm the American economy, workforce and create further division.

But now, holes and gaps that have loomed in the wall for two or so years are suddenly being filled, and by Biden’s administration no less. Of course, they can’t say that the purpose is to keep migrants out and therefore work to secure our nation’s borders. That would be insane.

Rather, it’s to ensure people aren’t caught in hazardous waterways, prevent flooding, address safety concerns, and fight soil erosion.

According to a May 27 announcement, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security began just such an effort.

A bridge in one area now has gates being placed underneath. No, those gates are not to protect the border. Instead, it ensures that neither migrants nor border patrol agents get caught in “hazardous river waters.”

Similarly, the Rio Grande Valley is being fitted with some 17 or so new gates. These, too, have no connection to making it harder for migrants to get into our country illegally. According to the Department, they are to make certain areas more accessible to border agents and first responders, as well as allow the latter to take care of more “urgent” matters quickly.

As the project stated, these wall construction measures are meant to help support “life, safety, environmental, or other remediation needs and has begun environmental planning, to include planning consistent with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), for not yet completed projects in accordance with the Department’s plan.”

In layman’s terms, it means they are working on Trump’s wall. Just don’t call it that.

And definitely don’t assume they are using the funds meant for these projects to complete them. After all, Biden’s administration has already done an excellent job of defunding any and all border construction.

Instead, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is quietly applying previously appropriated money to add some “smart” and/or “proven” “barrier system attributes” along the area that just happens to include our southern border and where Trump’s wall is not yet complete.

You know, areas like a nearly seven-mile gap in the wall near Yuma in Southwestern Arizona. That’s right. Some seven miles of the U.S. border are completely open and just asking for migrants to cross.

As those close to the area can attest, migrant crossings have increased dramatically since Trump’s tenure, when wall construction was being completed, and at least something stood between the deserts of Mexico and the United States. On average, about 50 to 80 illegals crossing a day is now up to about 1,000 on most days.

And as you can imagine, the high and dry temperatures of the area, as well as a community that was not meant to hold as many people, are causing no small number of problems.

As Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls explains, the area just doesn’t have the resources to handle that many needs. And it’s creating a massive “backlog.” He also mentioned that Border Patrol agents in the area are becoming more and more frustrated over the situation, as they are continually “overworked” and then not even allowed to do the job they were hired to do.

But with Biden filling in some of those gaps, albeit for the sake of the environment, perhaps those issues will improve soon. Just make sure you don’t suggest anyone is doing this to secure the border…