Biden Plans on Returning America to Being Dependent on Arab Oil

Pla2na /

Joe Biden’s assault on America has led to increased gas prices to levels never before seen in the nation’s history. He has single-handedly destroyed the greatness that once defined America. And the reasoning behind his attacks on freedom and the sovereignty of America all center around his lust for power. The old man cannot stand that America is the greatest nation ever to exist.

The president needs to appear to be working on the high gas prices because of the upcoming midterm election. He has tried to blame his ignorant actions on other people and even shifts the blame to the war taking place on the other side of the world. But the facts prove that Biden is the sole reason inflation and prices continue to rise around the country.

Biden’s latest effort to try and deal with the higher gas prices is to take a trip to the Middle East and meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. The trip will take him all over the Middle East and put him in contact with many more minor world leaders.

NBC News has reported that “Biden will address human rights, but the visit is largely aimed at repairing relations after Biden in 2019 referred to Saudi Arabia as a ‘pariah’ state for the brutal murder of Saudi-born journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a regime critic, administration officials have said. When Biden took office he authorized the declassification of a CIA investigation’s conclusion that the crown prince was ultimately responsible for the murder.”

Biden will seek out the Arab leaders and demand that they pump more oil out of the ground. His administration denies that the trip is because of the higher gas prices. But Biden has some fences to mend, and he can only do that by taking a trip and meeting with the very leaders he has alienated.

Biden’s true purpose in traveling to the Middle East is to return America to having to depend on buying its oil from the Arabs. The old man has long sought to make the country dependent on foreign countries because it puts America in a vulnerable position and makes the greatest nation on earth cater to the pointless demands of evil dictators.

The president will sit in on a summit by the Gulf Cooperation Council. The significant players from the Gulf nations will all be in attendance. The pointless appearance of the old man is nothing more than a formality because America needs the oil from the Gulf region.

In addition to attending the meeting, the president will meet with various Saudi Arabian officials. One of his officials reported that “The president is not going to change his views on human rights, he’s made that clear. And he’s also made clear that as president of the United States, it’s his job to bring peace ‘if I can’ — I think that was his direct quote. And that’s what he’s going to try to do. And he focuses our entire national security team on getting things done for the American people. And if he determines it’s in his interest to engage with any particular leader, and it’s such engagement can deliver results, then he’ll do so.”

The trip is nothing more than a last-ditch effort to appear like the old liberal cares about other people instead of himself. The Democrats love to appear as if they care about people until after the election. And at that time, they will forget about their promises and return to a plan that puts them first, and everyone else last.

The United States is in a Biden-induced pickle. He continues to put America on the back burner and puts his secret agenda first. The only reason he is taking the trip is to appear as if he cares about what is happening in America. Once he has what he needs from the Arab world, he will return to doing things that will only hurt all Americans. He just cannot bring himself to put America first and the rest of the world last.