Biden Falls into Stand-Off with North Korea as Missiles Fire 

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North Korea is playing around with the missile program, hoping to get a reaction from Joe Biden. The old man has been able to ignore the rocket man ruler…so far. But recent events finally got Biden to fire his missiles, along with South Korea, to show the North Korean dictator that he is not the only one with missiles.

Biden’s reaction indicates that he is not well in the head. He fell under the pressure of the North Korean dictator as Kim Jong Un fired eight missiles to the east. Biden and the newly elected president of South Korea would waste eight of their own missiles and send them off to chase the North Korean rockets.

The tension between North Korea and Joe Biden has never been higher. Kim Jong Un needs Biden to focus on his nuclear program to make a name for himself. Kim abuses a nation that the world mostly forgets about. The only reason why people pay attention to Kim is that he fires so many rockets toward the water, which, in turn, has earned him the name “rocket man” given to him by former President Donald Trump.

Daniel Pinkston teaches at the South Korean campus of Troy University. He claims that North Korea is signaling a move that must be taken more seriously. Kim knows that Biden is a spineless president who is reluctant to make any move to stop his nuclear program.

Kim Jong Un had to play nice with Donald Trump because he knew that Trump would strike at the very heart of the dictator’s program. But now, Kim can move forward because Biden wants to play the rocket symphony with him.

The Daily Beast reported that Pinkston also revealed that “The South Korea-U.S. exercise ‘demonstrated some of the alliance’s strike capability and resolve. We’ll see a more ‘normal’ joint combined, and multinational military exercise tempo in the South and around the peninsula.’ And ‘if deterrence fails, the ROK and U.S. militaries will be better prepared to respond to NK aggression.’”

Rocket Man loves all the attention he is getting over his latest missile test. He launched his missiles following a warship exercise between the United States and South Korea. He wanted to get their attention and test their resolve.

The best thing Biden could have done was not to respond and save the eight missiles for a time when they would be needed. But Biden caved in and flashed eight of his missiles back at Kim.

The Daily Beast also reported that “North Korea fired its missiles from four places, including at or near the airport serving Pyongyang, marking the 18th time this year that Kim has sent missiles on test flights in waters between the Korean peninsula and Japan. The North on May 26 test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching targets in the U.S. as President Biden was returning to D.C. from Tokyo after his summits with Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and in Korea with President Yoon, with whom he agreed on resuming joint military exercises.”

Whenever a delegate or leader from the United States interacts with a country near Kim Jong Un, North Korea fires a missile. Their blatant disrespect and flaunting of their military might have happened because Biden is weaker than Kim Jong Un.

Rocket Man wants to force South Korea from participating in military battle drills with the west. Kim thinks that he can use his nuclear missiles to threaten and force people to obey his wishes. But he forgets that one bomb is all it would take to do away with his threatening presence. He commands a tiny country that most of the world forgets exists until he fires yet another missile.

Joe Biden fell into an embarrassing display of missile exchange with Kim Jong Un. Biden thinks he can play around with America’s might and not have consequences. He should have ignored the launches and gone on about his business. But he wasted eight missiles to play with Rocket Man.