Chris Murphy Points Out That Bipartisan Gun Control is the Only Way Forward

Al Teich /

Chris Murphy is a Democratic Senator from Connecticut who wants to see new gun control laws passed by Congress. He is pushing the idea that failure to pass any new law will destroy the United States as it is known today. He believes that the bipartisan effort to work on new laws is taking too much time and needs to be expedited to the front of the plan.

Murphy is adamant that something be done soon. He revealed that the Senate is looking at different ways to limit what type of weapons people can buy. The model they are looking into centers around the type of laws passed in 2018 in Florida.

Newsbreak reported that “The laws passed in Florida raised the age to purchase long guns, including AR-15s, from 18 to 21, required a three-day waiting period for purchases, allowed law enforcement to take firearms away from people who may pose a threat to themselves or others, and made investments in mental health and school security.”

The Florida legislature also passed a law that allows teachers and staff to carry weapons. The teachers can now take out a shooter that would show up at the school. Conservatives have long pushed for such laws to be passed.

Ron DeSantis and the state of Florida continue to set the standard for how things should be done in America. The Republican Party has the right approach and should be allowed to create laws to protect children attending public schools.

But Murphy wants to try and take credit for laws that his opponents have already thought of. He stated that “The template for Florida is the right one. Which is do some significant mental health investment, some school safety money and some modest, but impactful, changes in gun laws. That’s the kind of package we’re putting together right now. That’s the kind of package I think can pass the Senate.”

The Democrats no longer have the ability to think responsibly. They have abandoned American values and what makes America great. They are more concerned with what makes them more powerful.

The new bill that both parties are working on mirrors the laws passed in Florida in 2018. But the Democrats are missing one part that many Americans support. They are not considering adding better background checks to the bill. The Democrats are so clueless as to what the people approve of.

The liberal president has his idea of what needs to be done in America. He is pushing a total ban on assault-style weapons. He would love to take away the guns that help American families protect themselves from those trying to harm them. Biden’s ultimate goal is to turn America into another failed socialist state.

Murphy would love to see his version of the bill passed and enforced in America. But he knows that it will never happen. Any effort to secure the country will have to be done with unanimous agreement from both political sides.

The Democrats may want to strip away the Second Amendment altogether, but they know the Republicans stand in their way.

Murshed Zaheed is a political strategist. He stated that the Democrats gave up too soon when pushing for background checks. The reason they caved in was that they are not well-liked in America. The midterm elections have many of the leftist parties evaluating their stance on a lot of things. The Democrats no longer have the spine necessary to stand up to the majority.

The Democrats needed the gun control issue to surface again because of the midterm elections. The mass shootings that seem to have popped up in the past few weeks are a tragedy, but the Democrats are using them to try and make a name for themselves before people go out and vote. They know that the American people are ticked off with them over the way they treated people during the pandemic. And they are ready to remove the worthless Democrats from office.