Pakistan Looks to Cut Ties with the United States

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The United States is losing one ally after another because of how Joe Biden is treating everyone. Imran Khan is the former Prime Minister of Pakistan who believes that the American people plotted his removal from office. He was rather quaint with his words when he stated, “Our people will not accept an imported government foisted upon us by an American conspiracy under any circumstances.”

Newsbreak reported that Pakistan was a powerful ally with the United States just a few years ago. And Biden’s love for the Chinese is not helping matters with American allies.

The old man took a tour of Asia to strengthen ties between friendly nations. China’s influence continues to expand, and Biden does not care to do anything about it. His administration continues to let China grow into new realms and regions.

Newsbreak reported that the fallout began with Biden’s sorry pullout in Afghanistan. The media reported that “The decline of American influence in this South Asian country has been precipitated by the end of America’s Afghanistan campaign, which has brought long-simmering tensions between the two countries to the surface, with each side holding the other responsible for its failure. Pakistan contends that it was coerced into joining the ‘war on terror,’ and accused former deputy secretary of state, Richard Armitage, of threatening to bomb the country ‘back to the stone age’ if it refused to cooperate. (Armitage refuted the allegation.).”

The war on terror was supposed to have ended terror in the region. But Biden’s quick pullout and abandonment of American allies left them in a tough spot. The country claims that they have lost billions in financial gains and tens of thousands of lives since the war on terror began. And now they are feeling betrayed by the United States because of how Biden is treating them.

Pakistan’s pullback from the United States is proof that the nation is turning to the Chinese for allied relations. And the United States has been trying to strengthen relations with India, Japan, and Australia to help combat the growing influence of communism streaming from China.

The Chinese have been working on ways to get better trade routes through the region. One of their ideas was to enlist the help of Pakistan and include them in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor idea. The pact would open up trade and energy routes from the Arabian Sea to China. The route would cut right through Pakistan territory. The trade route would cause those seeking to use the corridor to turn to China for help in moving their goods and not the United States.

Newsbreak also reported that “The Pakistan Army, which was instrumental in bringing Khan to power and is still very much the power behind the throne, would like the civilian government to have cordial relations with the United States, if for no other reason than to protect the country’s failing economy. Even as Khan leads the charge against the government and the U.S., Pakistan is negotiating an emergency assistance package with the International Monetary Fund, which will require Washington’s buy-in.”

Khan has demanded that general elections be held so he can run again for the country’s leadership. His victory would spell trouble for the United States because of his hatred for what Biden has done to the region. All the work and effort that went into destroying terror in the area was destroyed when Biden pulled out of Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s current leader is Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. He is trying to take steps to strengthen ties with the west. But he is facing some hardship with Khan constantly standing in the way.

Communist China is a problem for a lot of nations. There is no doubt that Biden is content with losing Pakistan as an ally. The eastern nation will look further east and double down to develop ties with an emerging threat to freedom. And unless Joe Biden steps up and pushes back, their presence will only grow to the point where they will be able to force others to accept their propaganda as truth.