California Experiences Massive Fertilizer Shortages Thanks to Biden

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Joe Biden has made a big mess of the American economy. The higher prices at the gas pump and the massive inflation plaguing every business have led many people into a world of hurt. The latest group of people being hurt by the president are American farmers. The high prices are keeping them from being able to afford quality fertilizer and other products needed for a healthy crop.

The supply chain crisis and high prices are too much for the farmer. They have the roughest time producing crops that will be cheap enough for people to afford. The amount of money they have to pay to the farm will be passed on down the line to the consumer, which will mean higher prices.

Fertilizer is needed to keep crops growing strong and healthy. The Daily Wire noted that “A report by the International Food Policy Research Institute from April showed that market prices for food and fertilizer have gone up over the past year and a half, spiking even more after Russia invaded Ukraine. The prices increased 125% from January of 2021 to January of this year, and they hit their highest price in March, going up another 17% from January.”

The cost of the fertilizer and diesel prices are practically stalling farmers from being able to weather Biden’s financial storm. And those farmers in California are being hit the hardest because they have to live under a progressive governor determined to destroy the state.

Bill Diedrich is the president of the California Farm Water Coalition. He reported that “the mixture of the fertilizer price, along with the issues surrounding water supply, reliability, and shipping ‘is making it extremely difficult for the small to medium-sized grower[s]’ who don’t have all of the staff that other large businesses have.”

Gavin Newsom has single-handedly caused higher prices of his own. And when those are mixed with Biden’s prices, things are no longer affordable for the average farmer. The fertilizer is the one thing where the price has risen the highest. The cost of fertilizer has risen by 90 percent. And that is just enough to start putting the smaller farmers out of business.

The worst of Biden is yet to come for all consumers. The longer the old man sits in office without a force to stop his destructive efforts, the more harm will come to the nation.

Diedrich noted that federal issues compound the problems California farmers face at the state level. The lack of water and Biden’s poor policies are putting people out of business. Diedrich also pointed out that in the northern part of the state, 300,000 acres of farmland are not being used because of all the problems imposed on them by the liberals.

Biden and his cohorts in crime have made it impossible for farmers to afford the much-needed resources. The farmers strive to produce the best crops they can. Then they have target yields that they want to harvest, but those targets can only be realized when they use the best resources on the market.

Joe Biden and the other Democratic leaders have refused to work through the issues that the western part of the country is facing. They do not want the private sector to develop water solutions and better technology that would take care of the issues. The liberals need the issues to justify a government takeover when things get bad.

For the problem to be solved, the Democrats will have to go. The liberals have bought into the environmental lies and the idea that they have all the answers to every problem. Their lies so blind them that they cannot even see that their plans are destroying the country.

The California farmer and all those that span the nation are in trouble. The public must vote the Democrats out of office so that Joe Biden becomes a lame-duck president. Biden’s policies, mixed with those of the liberal states, are more than enough to cause further inflation.