George W. Was Part of an ISIS Assassination Plan

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George W. Bush was the president at the time of the 9/11 bombings. He was the one who took action to bring ISIS down. And they have never forgotten that he was responsible for ending their reign of terror.

It turns out that there was an assassination plan that would have involved taking out George W. last year – though it was foiled at the last minute.

You wonder why the Secret Service is always with a president, even after their terms are over? This is why. George W. hasn’t been the POTUS since 2009 – and yet, he’s still a target.

There was an ISIS operative living here in the U.S. He’d been in Columbus, Ohio under a pending asylum application. He had plans to assassinate the former present in his Dallas, Texas home.

The schemes were ended by two confidential informants – and this is all based on an FBI search warrant application that Forbes recently obtained.

Based on the details of the report, the ISIS operative actually traveled to Bush’s former home in Dallas in November of last year, collecting video and conducting surveillance.

The plans were to involve as many as seven other ISIS members to carry out the assassination. This included smuggling the members into the U.S. at the southern border using visitor visas.

The documents were all filed by the FBI in March. They were finally unsealed in the southern district of Ohio this past week – allowing us to glimpse at the horrors of the assassination plan.

The identity of the ISIS member is still concealed, and the Department of Justice is not publicly commenting on the investigation. This means that no charges have been filed yet – or they are still being kept from the public eye because of the intensity of the investigation. After all, assassination attempts on former or current politicians are not taken lightly.

We’re lucky that the FBI was able to uncover the plot. The confidential informants had intimate knowledge of what the plan was. One informant was supposedly posing as a human smuggler while the other posed as a customer of the smuggler.

WhatsApp was the messaging platform used to communicate – and the one who allegedly plotted the assassination attempt was claiming to be part of a unit called “Al-Raed,” which is linked to ISIS.

Supposedly, Bush was the target as revenge because he broke the country apart following the U.S. military invasion in 2003 and was responsible for the death of many Iraqis.

In response to the FBI reports, Bush has said that he has all the confidence in the world that things will be handled appropriately.

The deputy director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University, Seamus Hughes, said that “’Sophisticated counterterrorism’ efforts show that the U.S. believed the assassination plot was also sophisticated and serious.”

This is the danger of ISIS. They are manipulative. They are operating in the U.S. because the Biden administration allowed almost anyone to enter the country. And with the state of the southern border the way it is, many know that they can enter with ease.

This plan involved former President George W. Bush. What about all of the other plans that we don’t know about? How many other former presidents could be in their plans? Or how many current politicians?

The last thing we need is for another 9/11-style event to happen on American soil. Yet, it’s more likely that such will happen because Biden basically gave the Taliban…and ISIS…an entire country to rule over.

Let’s just hope the FBI is doing everything they can to put an end to this.