Motorboating…An Unacceptable Way to Promote an Army Officer

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Officers in the military are supposed to exercise the highest level of decorum. They wear their uniforms, they say, “yes ma’am” and they most certainly don’t do anything to individuals of the opposite sex.

One Army officer had an issue, though. He used to enjoy ogling the women, especially those who were well-endowed on the top. For the longer drives from one base to another, he would even ask for a female to accompany him just so that he’d have some eye candy.

This special individual is Captain Billy Joe Crosby, Jr. and he’s being charged with abusive sexual conduct because of how he behaved when it was time to provide a promotion to a subordinate soldier.

The female soldier had already told her captain that she wasn’t interested in a formal promotion ceremony. However, it’s clear that Crosby didn’t listen – and he had a few ideas of his own to make the ceremony unforgettable. That’s what led to another charge, by the way – conduct unbecoming of an officer.

Before we can tell the story any further, it’s important to understand the term that we’re about to use. Motorboating. It’s typically done by a male to a female. He places his face between her breasts, shakes his head back and forth, and makes a guttural sound that is akin to a motorboat.

At this point, you are likely thinking “No.” There’s no way Crosby, an Army officer, would ever think that is acceptable. And while in uniform, no less.

Oh, but it happened. And witnesses were just as aghast as you likely are right now.

When the junior soldier stepped up to receive the rank, a patch is supposed to be placed on her chest. Rather than simply place the patch in place, Crosby grabbed it with his teeth, and he did the unthinkable. As it was described in a prosecution motion, he “then placed his face between [the junior soldier]’s breasts…[and] vigorously moved his head from side to side between [her] breasts while still holding the rank with his teeth.”

Not surprisingly, there were multiple soldiers who reported what they witnessed immediately.

This incident took place while on a deployment in Jordan back in May 2021. The whole reason we’re hearing about it now is that the case has been heard and decided on.

Major Jessica Rovero spoke with the Army Times as she was the spokesperson for the command who was overseeing the trial. She explained that Crosby’s “behavior is not in line with the Army values.”

Well, that’s a relief for all future women of the Army who will be going to a promotion ceremony. If motorboating was something that was openly being suggested for attaching the patch to the chest, we should all be worried.

Crosby initially wasn’t going to plead guilty. However, it became clear that with all of the witnesses who saw him, there was no way for him to proceed.

So, he struck a deal – and this is where you get to see just how the Army works – and how the boys’ club always takes care of their own.

The abusive sexual contact charge was removed. Instead, Crosby only had to plead guilty to assault consummated by battery. It was considered a non-sexual offense, even though he was guilty of placing his face between a subordinate’s breasts.

Oh, and the plea deal that he struck was so sweet that it prevented the judge from dismissing him from the Army. You guessed it – this man can still collect his retirement.

He simply had to complete a 30-day confinement. He was allowed to retire – and has since started collecting his retirement.

The lesson learned from all of this? Army officers can literally get away with motorboating their subordinates. And subordinates get to watch their attackers get away with it. Sick, right?