Cuba…and Other Things Biden Wants to Mess with From Trump’s Regime

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Joe Biden has no clue regarding the consequences of his actions. Ever since he set foot in the Oval Office, he has systematically tried to remove all traces of former President Donald Trump. He rolled back the protective measures that kept the southern border safe, and he killed the building project of a wall that would have secured the border for generations to come. And now, Biden wants to remove a bunch of regulations that kept America safe from the harmful influences of Cuba.

Biden wants to appear as if he cares about the Cuban people. He seeks to start up the Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program, work consular services, and better visa processing. The old man is reaching out to people that he neglected to help when they protested against their evil dictator. He had the chance to make a difference with their struggles but chose to support evil instead of freedom.

The midterm elections are causing the Democrats to fake that they care about people. For the better part of Biden’s presidency, he has put America last. And now that his future as the president hangs in the balance, he is working overtime to attract Cuban voters to his side.

Ned Price is a spokesperson for Biden. He stated, “We will make it easier for families to visit their relatives in Cuba and for authorized US travelers to engage with the Cuban people, attend meetings, and conduct research.” He also mentioned the cap on the amount of money sent to Cuba.

Biden claims that Donald Trump set out to destroy the Cuban people with the regulations he placed on them. But Trump rightfully pointed out that Biden will work overtime to try to bring socialism to American shores. And most Cubans have fled their homeland because of socialism. They do not want to return to living under strict government rule.

The Cuban people have witnessed firsthand what free programs will do to a country. They know that the more government assumes control over people, the worse things will get. The concept of free healthcare and education is just enough to bankrupt any country. And the Cuban people know that the government is not going to hand out free things as willingly as it may claim.

Biden claims that he has had his team reviewing the Trump policies since his first day in office. He has waited until the issue could be used to help provide a favorable look for himself and the rest of the Democrats. But it is only now that he is addressing the issue.

The old man lost the state of Florida because of his socialist favoritism. The Cuban people do not want to return to the life they left. Biden knows that he must change what Cuban voters think of him if he and his mafia win the challenging races later in the year.

The Cuban people have it in the back of their minds that the Democratic Party and their best candidate, Joe Biden, will destroy America. Biden has slowly destroyed the country by removing Donald Trump’s regulations are select issues he found were hurting the American people.

The president’s review of the issue moves him to lift many regulations. And yet he cannot bring himself to lift all of the regulations and return to the friendliness that Barack Obama had towards the island. Biden has to get out from under the shadow of Obama to appear to be his own man.

Biden will still not allow Americans to tour the country or attend educational centers. Cuba is not a safe place for people to visit with the current evil dictator running the government. The Cuban people continue to flee their homeland, searching for a better place to live. They know that America is the last place on earth where people can truly live free. And they are not willing to vote for a party that embraces the evil they left behind.