Russian Airwaves Are Glutted with Statements about Nuking a Western Target

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Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin are using the same tactics to get what they want out of people. Biden makes issues out of pandemics and creates problems that people fear. They are forced to look to the socialist president for help and provision. Putin uses the same approach but for different reasons. He wants to control the world through fear by making people think he will launch nuclear weapons if they fail to obey his will.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine did not go as well as Putin had hoped. He failed to estimate the impact the rest of the world would enact on his country. And now that things have not gone as well as Putin has planned, he feels the need to issue more threats of nuclear usage if any person interferes with his plans of domination.

Putin has told his state-run media to start producing lies to justify attacking Ukraine. Mark Galeotti is a senior associate fellow with the Royal United Services Institute. He stated that “The Kremlin has relatively few instruments to try and influence the West, and therefore it’s resorting to all this spine-chilling rhetoric as a means of attempted intimidation.”

Putin knows that he will not win the war he started, so now he is resorting to salvaging the image of his once mighty nation. Galeotti also warned that Putin’s position is dark and can be extremely dangerous if he were to be provoked.

The nastiness coming from Putin has some people on the edge of their seats, realizing that all of Europe is now in the crosshairs. The Russian media released a news report that discussed how long it would take for a ballistic missile to reach places such as London, Paris, or Berlin.

The report gave detailed pathways the missiles would take and how much time people would have before being incinerated by a Russian nuke. Each of the targeted places is a place that is helping provide aid to the Ukrainian people.

The Russian media has long been lying about facts concerning the war. They tried to tell a story linking Adolf Hitler to being a Jew like the Ukrainian president does. They even tried to pass off that the Ukrainian soldiers were involved in the practice of black magic.

The Russian people are only allowed to watch programs and newscasts approved by the Russian-controlled media. The stories they hear on the airwaves are nothing but a bunch of lies. And those stories are vastly different from those being broadcast to western nations trying to help Ukraine struggle to be free.

AOL has reported that “Newscasts and daily political shows have spent countless hours of airtime telling their viewers that the war in Ukraine is not, in fact, a war, but instead a ‘special military operation’ designed to spare civilians. The Russian forces are portrayed as liberators, fighting against what the propaganda calls the ‘neo-Nazis’ who are said to overrun Ukraine under the influence of the United States and it allies and are allegedly committing “genocide” against Russian-speaking Ukrainians.”

Putin is dramatically trying to get his people to believe that the world is against them and that enemy civilians stage all the war crimes. He has even told his people that the Russian invasion was a pre-emptive strike because Ukraine was developing nuclear weapons.

Russian media also reports to their viewers that the war is progressing well for the Russian military.

Galeotti also mentioned that “It’s support for a limited operation, conducted surgically to avoid civilian casualties in order to prevent a neo-Nazi regime from getting nukes and committing genocide. It’s more about what happens once reality starts to confront them as more people start coming back from the battlefield.”

If that’s what you’re presented with, well, I’m not surprised that a lot of people will say — yes, that sounds like a perfectly appropriate war.

Putin feels the need to threaten the west because the aid is helping Ukraine to win the war. He specifically targeted significant cities where people were getting aid and supplies ready to ship to the war and showed just how quickly he could kill everyone there if they did not stop sending aid. Putin is a dirty man looking to kill a lot of people.