Angry Mob Met with Sweet Music to Help Calm Their Souls

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The angry and murderous mobs that are rioting outside the private homes of the Supreme Court Justices homes are not the kind of people anyone would want to live around. Their profanity-filled chants and picket signs display their hatred over a leaked document declaring that the court would soon overturn Roe v. Wade. The people are threatening the families of each judge simply by interfering with their routine each day.

Samuel Alito is one of those particular Justices with a crowd living outside his private home. Every day the people chant “Abort the court! Abort the court!” and “F*** the Court and the legislature! We are not your incubator!” The Daily Wire reported that an elderly lady was stationed outside his home because she believed no one had the right to tell another what to do with their body. She buys into the lie that a baby is not a human until it can breathe independently.

Samuel Alito has great neighbors who have come alongside him and his family in support. The Daily Wire reported that one neighbor stated, “I wanted to do something beautiful and thoughtful to counter the noise, chaos, and sadness of those protesting life in front of an empty house. There is nothing more steadfast and measured than the joy of worshipping our Savior through precious hymns.”

The sound and wise words are a reminder that people do stupid stuff when angry, and they need to be reminded that there is a better way of resolving problems. Alito’s neighbor took to their piano and started playing hymns to help drive home the concept that people need to turn to the Savior to find true peace.

The peace that the rioters are looking for is not found in the court system or their beloved Democratic Party. It is found only in the Savior that gives peace. Alito’s neighbor played the “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” so the angry mob could have something peaceful to listen to other than the nasty words of hatred they were chanting.

The Daily Wire also reported that “Protests have taken place outside the homes of the five Supreme Court justices who signed onto Alito’s draft opinion, which would overturn the landmark 1973 decision that made the right to abortion a constitutional right. Protesters have also gathered outside the home of Chief Justice John Roberts, whose position on the opinion remains unknown.”

The sad reality of the protests is that none of the people chanting profanity seem to care that there are children nearby and coming and going from the homes in several cases. They are willing to put children in danger to chant profanity at the Justices.

Alito’s neighbor hopes that the music will help calm the angry mob. The mob believes they have a right to murder people. The last thing they will want to come and face is the concept of a God that loves His creation and does not like the murder of innocent blood.

The Democrats and their followers hate morality and religion. Both concepts are a reminder that the action they support of abortion is the murder of a person. And they do not like the idea of being called a murderer or even admitting they killed a baby.

The Republican Party has fought long and hard to keep the Democrats from expanding abortion. Red states have passed laws that restrict abortion as much as possible. And each one of those laws has been challenged in court. It is just a matter of time before the Supreme Court rules on the matter.

The leaked document that made its way into the news turned the country upside down. For the first time in several decades, the country has to face the reality that abortion has cost the lives of millions of people. Abortion supporters may claim that they have a right to their bodies, but they will never admit their hypocrisy when it comes to the rights of the unborn. That person has a right to their own body, and the baby would never choose to die simply because an adult is being selfish.