Eric Adams Parties in LA to Escape Nightmare of NYC

Eric Adams was voted in as New York City’s mayor with the belief that he would be a better solution than what Bill de Blasio had to offer. It turns out that he’s been a nightmare. His liberal views have led to more crime in the city – and he’s not even doing anything about it.

Many people in NYC would love to run away. They’d love to spend a day elsewhere so that they don’t have to be deafened by the sounds of gunshots or fear being shanked as they get onto the subways of Brooklyn.

Most can’t run away. Do you know who can, though? Mayor Adams. He hasn’t even been on the job for six months, and he’s already fleeing so that he can get a break.

Eric Adams couldn’t miss the chance to rub elbows with the stars of Hollywood. So, he hopped a plane to Los Angeles so that he could attend an A-list private dinner with such stars as Goldie Hawn, Casey Affleck, and more. There was a total of 14 diners in attendance, and the NYC mayor was lucky enough to be one of them.

What has Adams done to get him such an impressive invitation? It was put together as a way to welcome the NYC mayor into the “inner circle of Hollywood,” as reported by Breitbart. And this is also to ensure that he pushes the education initiative that he is working on with Nicole Avante.

The event, according to Page Six, was held in the San Vincente Bungalows, a spot that is known for its security and discretion.

If that was the only time Mayor Adams skipped out on his duties, we might be able to overlook it. However, no sooner did he arrive back in NY, he was already attending another glittery event – the annual Robin Hood benefit gala, which was held at the Javits Center. Jeff Bezos was in attendance as was John Mulaney, Charlie Puth, and other entertainers.

NYC voters are furious that Adams hasn’t done anything to reduce the crime rates. This is the same guy that, just last year, ran as a candidate that was going to be tough on crime. According to statistics, NYC is actually MORE dangerous now than when he first entered the office back in January.

Recent polls show that people have taken notice of what Adams hasn’t done. As there have been shootings, stabbings, and more, Adams is looking to meet as many celebrities as he can. Oh, but he’ll wear a jacket that talks about gun control like he did at the Met Gala earlier this month.

In February, polls showed that New Yorkers were approving of his crime efforts at a rate of 49 percent. It’s now down to only 37 percent. He’s tanking as badly as Biden – and he hasn’t been in office as long. There’s no telling what the polls could show by September or October, especially if Adams continues to prioritize Hollywood over New York City.

Crime is up a whopping 36 percent over the prior year. And it’s not just murders – it’s also carjackings, assaults, and robberies. And the only thing that Adams has bothered to propose is to actually cut the New York Police Department budget. It’s beyond ignorant, but that’s what the voters should have expected when they chose to replace a Democrat with a Democrat. If they wanted real change, they should have gone red.