Biden’s Not Making It Easy for Today’s Military

Bumble Dee /

The United States military has silently endured the relentless neglect and attacks from Joe Biden and his administration. The president’s cowardly decision-making skills have put soldiers’ lives in danger on countless occasions. And Biden’s willingness to listen and bow to the minority has opened the most significant fighting force on the planet up to dealing with liberal nonsense and ideology.

Biden has single-handedly slowed the number of people willing to join the military. Volunteers do not want to be subjected to the horrible treatment enlisted soldiers are serving under. Facts show that Biden is treating the enlisted military like rats in a cage.

One of the issues keeping people from enlisting is that nearly 70 percent of people are not qualified to serve. A person seeking entrance into the military must complete high school. Many people do not meet the weight requirements or have a criminal background. And, then, there is the issue of those dropping out of school and not even pursuing a GED.

Biden has also made laziness more attractive. The president’s administration has pushed him to add to the current level of handout programs that the Democrats love to offer. People can earn more per year getting handouts from Joe Biden than they ever could working a job. And that holds for the military life. Soldiers are not being paid enough to attract them to enlist.

The relentless pandemic regulations have also added to the low enlistment rate. No one wants to be forced to vaccinate for the COVID-19 virus. The president tried to force all military people to take the shot or risk getting kicked out of the military. These people are being excused from active duty to impact their ability to get a job in the future.

It’s become clear that Biden simply doesn’t give a crap about today’s military.

Speaking of crap, let’s try to get the answer to the age-old question: Does a bear crap in the woods? Well, one soldier will never know the answer…

Bears are now the latest threat to the military. A soldier was killed in Anchorage, Alaska after a bear attacked him while on duty. It is not enough that soldiers have to dodge bullets defending the country, but to have to watch out for bears was never part of the signup package. Joe Biden has yet to convey his condolences to the deceased family, by the way. Though, considering he has a tendency to check his watch during military funerals, it’s not a real loss.

The military has taken matters into its own hands and started making itself look more attractive for new enlistments. They have bumped up recruitment bonuses and perks to attract people. reported that “The force announced on April 20 that recruits can earn up to $10,000 bonuses for attending basic training within 30 days of their enlistment, which is called a “quick ship” bonus. That offer is open to at least 60 different jobs, double the total from earlier in the year. Another 60 jobs in the Army have quick ship bonuses ranging from $2,000 to $6,000. On top of that, at least 14 jobs have additional enlistment bonuses for recruits, ranging from $1,000 to $40,000.”

Joe Biden is also trying to stifle the attraction of higher bonuses by taxing each one by nearly 25 percent. The old man cannot accept that the American military is powerful and is an honor to serve all the people who choose to enlist. The people do not care about Joe Biden or that he brazenly attacks the people he is supposed to lead. They want to serve their country. also reported that “All services are currently offering hefty bonuses for new recruits generally not seen since the peak of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, as most of the military is facing recruiting shortages. The Army, in its proposed 2023 budget, is looking to decrease the size of the force by about 12,000 soldiers, or about 2.5%, due to the difficulties getting new soldiers to join.”

Joe Biden could at least act like he cares about the military. But his anti-American stance has helped him neglect the people that get up every day and protect the freedoms that Biden wants to destroy.