VP Harris Gives the Cold Shoulder to Biden…Again

Maxim Elramsisy / shutterstock.com

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have never really gotten along. It’s why it came as such a surprise that he would tap her to be his vice president. She had nothing but insults to throw his way when she was running in the presidential primaries as his competitor.

It is also no secret that Jill Biden was never a fan of Kamala’s – and was disappointed when her husband chose Harris as his running mate.

Now that the two are running the country together, you would think that they could get on the same page. You know, at least for the sake of the country. Nope.

Student loan debt is where there seems to be the most hostility.

Biden has been taking a fairly conservative approach to student loan debt cancellation. He has said that he’ll sign a bill if it makes it to his desk. However, he has been hesitant to use an executive order to wipe away tens of thousands of dollars of debt – or even make it all go away.

The only thing Biden has said that he’s willing to consider is eliminating $10,000 of debt for every borrower – and that’s still a considerable amount of money. The most fiscally responsible would say that it’s even progressive.

Biden has managed to pause the student loan debt for a while, allowing people to get back on their feet. It’s been paused a few times – and the latest pause keeps payments from being made until the end of August.

Biden cut a video for social media to talk about the extension that has been made on federal student loan payments.

Harris should have been a part of that promotion because it is a decision that came from the administration.

According to two White House officials, Harris declined to work with Biden on the video. She didn’t want her name associated with his conservative approach. She has been a top proponent of forgiving the student loan debt so that there could be more dialogue on a better approach to student loans moving forward.

Harris has even gone as far as lobbying for student loan forgiveness without Biden’s approval.

This is a sad state of affairs. The president and vice president can’t see eye to eye on one of the single most important topics that plague our nation right now.

As RedState reports, “It’s extremely odd to see a president so not in control of his own administration that the vice president can just refuse to participate in a major policy push.” It really does leave us wondering who is in charge of the administration. Either it’s Joe Biden, who believes that there should be some reform as well as forgiveness of $10,000 (at most) or it’s Kamala Harris, who believes that there should be blanket forgiveness.

This is quite the divide – and it’s not at all surprising when you look at the platforms that the two ran on as individual presidential candidates in the primaries.

The reason Kamala Harris didn’t make it as far is simple – she’s too progressive. And rather than learning her lesson from having to drop out of the primaries, she’s running further to the left now – and that’s not what our country needs.

We need unity – and Biden promised us that. Unfortunately, he can’t even manage to unite with his VP, let alone get the rest of the country to unite together.

It’s only a matter of time before Harris snubs Biden on so many issues that she’ll never have the ability to run for public office ever again. We’ve already decided that Biden can never make it another four years. We just have to deal with her for three more years…