In A Single Tweet, Elon Musk Sums Up the Problems With the Left

With each passing day since he announced his plans to buy Twitter, Elon Musk keeps finding new ways to make waves in the public eye. His unfiltered opinion, and his open expression so you know where you stand is exactly what this nation has been missing for some time now. By giving the people the real deal up front, he is setting the stage for the kind of unfiltered opinions he wants to see returning to Twitter across the board.

With the tweet “The far left hates everyone, themselves included,” Musk has yet again set the liberal’s emotions on fire as they cry out about being picked on. The funny part about the group is that even the moderate liberals tend to get offended when you talk about the hard left because they worry that you might be talking about them, too. With no real level of being able to just accept things and move on, this immediately set Twitter ablaze.

Despite their immediate reactions ranging from general displeasure that he would single them out, to people calling for his head, they saw how transparent Musk is and how he’ll most likely operate Twitter. The downfall of their quick reaction times is their inability to see what they are missing out on.

Musk didn’t just attack the left, but he targeted the right as well. “But I’m no fan of the far-right either. Let’s have less hate and more love.” Given his South African roots and his personality in interviews and public appearances, this makes sense. The man was able to endure some time with Amber Heard and come out on the other side without losing everything to being destroyed. So, he knows how to ensure both sides of the spectrum are kept happy to a point.

That’s the best thing about people like Musk, they know how to deal with the polar opposites in politics, and how to outsmart a clearly bipolar woman. This means clear, concise, and transparent results from Twitter once he is fully running the show. No more shadow banning the conservatives or overly promoting the liberal messages. These latest messages are nothing but signs of support for a free Twitter.

As he is pushing for open algorithms and trying to restore the idea of free speech to social media, the mainstream media is losing their minds. Bringing on various political and rights activists, they are pushing the idea that by allowing free speech to become absolute on Twitter, they argue that it will be an open field day for extremists from the right to be out there.

The fact of the matter is, if the extreme right does come back to Twitter, it would be a balance with the numerous hard-core left-wing posters. Their messages have been allowed on the platform without any real oversight for years, and even terrorists have been permitted to remain on Twitter without any repercussions.

While Kabul was falling as the U.S. military was pulling out, the terrorists were tweeting and sharing clips and photos of their conquests. There was no shadow banning, blocking, or censoring of their information. Meanwhile here in the U.S., the conservative voice is being choked out on Twitter since it doesn’t support the mainstream message of being weak and dependent on the government.

As the left loves pointing out, Musk knows real hate. He knows real racism. He knows how bad things can get, and he has seen it in South Africa during apartheid. He didn’t let that prevent him from achieving success; it has instead pushed for diversity and for including people in his endeavors. He is all too aware of the baggage that hate produces, so perhaps instead of hating Musk for what they think, maybe the left needs to take a step back and learn about him. They would see that he could very well be the bridge to reunite this country.