Charlie Crist Talks About Masking as Though Floridians Would Want That

Charlie Crist is running for governor against Ron DeSantis. This is a man who has already been the governor of Florida. And he has flip-flopped on being a Republican and a Democrat depending on his mood for the year.

Crist is opening up more about what Floridians can expect if he were to get into office. And the Democratic candidate seems to be confused about what people actually want.

When Crist was campaigning at an event in Wilton Manors, one attendee asked if he would be “open to mandating or regulating masks” in the event that it was necessary.

That’s when Crist decided to make the ultimate move to distance himself from the conservative DeSantis. “I would be open to doing what scientists advise – not political scientists.” He went on to say that he would most certainly be open to masking mandates. He, then, said that he’ll be wearing a mask on the plane even though he doesn’t have to. And why? He’s fearmongering about “Florida is experiencing an uptick that began this week. And it’s not even the Omicron B2. It’s a new variant.”

Crist may be forgetting about something very important. Most Floridians enjoyed the ability to choose whether they wanted to be masked or not. Ron DeSantis never told people that they couldn’t wear masks. He simply offered the freedom to choose.

Floridians loved that. And many liberals from other states came to visit Florida – and exercised their freedom by choosing not to mask up.

Masking doesn’t have to be a political issue, yet Crist is making it one.

Many people, even Democrats, enjoyed the ability to choose. And if it comes down to voting for the governor who will or will not enforce mask mandates, many may keep who they voted for a secret. Because, secretly, Democrats may vote for DeSantis solely because of Crist’s position on masks.

What Crist doesn’t realize is that he is playing right into the hands of the controlling left. He says that he will do what scientists advise rather than political scientists. Guess what? Dr. Fauci is most certainly a political scientist. The real scientists have been saying that masks don’t offer the protection that many believe – which is why people who wear masks everywhere are still able to get infected with COVID.

As one user on Twitter pointed out, “Everything Crist says here shows why he shouldn’t bother. He’s going to attack DeSantis on masks and COVID? The most successful Gov. in the country on these two issues?”

And this is where Crist fails to understand why Florida has been so successful during the pandemic – and why people flocked from all over the country to enjoy the freedom that DeSantis had granted everyone.

Crist wants to listen to the political left on how best to handle COVID. He’d assume smother everyone with four layers of fabric so that he can make Dr. Fauci happy.

As Jesse Hunt, the communications director for the Republican Governor’s Association mentioned, “This will go over well in Florida.”

Crist had his chance to make a difference in Florida. He needs to take a seat and let others run the state better. He gave up his conservative approach to run with the liberals, and it has gotten him nowhere.

Crist is like every other Democrat – ignorant to the idea that it’s time to retire.

DeSantis earned the nickname of being America’s governor because he believes in allowing people to make their own decisions. Crist has lost his chance of being a real competitor now that his stance on masks is known.