Kim Jong-Un Warns That N. Korea’s Nuclear Arsenal Is No Longer For Defense Only…

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Rocketman just won’t go away. The thought of Russian President Vladimir Putin stealing his thunder is festering in Kim Jong Un’s jealous craw. He’s supposed to be the world’s biggest threat and he plans on regaining his rightfully deserved title. And he’s only a nuclear missile or two away from doing just that. 

As a preface to what Kim Jong Un has in store, he marched the North Korean military down the streets of Pyongyang with a stunning array of intercontinental ballistic missiles in tow. He was reportedly clapping his stubby hands and grinning like a poop-eating dog.  

Just prior to the shindig, Kim Jong Un had perpetrated the airwaves of the hermit nation’s state media where he vowed to step up N. Korea’s nuclear game. He made it crystal clear that he wouldn’t hesitate to use them “in any situations of warfare.”

His short but intimidating speech was troubling. “In particular, the nuclear forces, the symbol of our national strength and the core of our military power, should be strengthened in terms of both quality and scale, so that they can perform nuclear combat capabilities in any [sic] situations of warfare, according to purposes and missions of different operations and by various means.”

The public display of military mightiness ties in with the 90th anniversary of the KPRA, the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army. N. Korea’s founder, Kim Il Sung, formed the army to wage attacks against Japanese soldiers occupying the Korean peninsula. He was Kim Jong Un’s paw-paw.

With a new conservative regime soon to take control of South Korea, denuclearization talks have come to a standstill with the U.S. To make matters worse, the Biden administration isn’t even pushing to have them resumed which is only serving to embolden Kim Jon Un all the more. Ya gotta stay on that guy. He enjoys his attention.

It’s anticipated that N. Korea will once again start test-firing nuclear missiles as a warning to other nations to think twice before provoking them, but Kim had some disturbing things to say.

“Our nukes can never be confined to the single mission of war deterrent even at a time when a situation we are not desirous of at all is created on this land. If any forces try to violate the fundamental interests of our state, our nuclear forces will have to decisively accomplish its unexpected second mission.”

The Foreign Ministry of South Korea issued a warning to Kim to quit strutting his stuff and causing tension in the Korean peninsula, but he’s not hearing a word of it. “The South Korean government, above all else, urges North Korea to immediately stop any actions that cause tensions on the Korean peninsula and in the region,” South Korea’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Choi Young-sam said.

Kim Jong Un made a bold statement by saying his nuclear arsenal is no longer only for defense. It’s a bully tactic that has Japan keeping its eyes and ears open for the first sign of horseplay, and the longer Putin keeps creating havoc the more likely the chance that N. Korea could start flexing its muscles soon…real soon.