Texas Landowner Makes Elon Musk One Hell of a Deal

Dean Fikar / shutterstock.com

As I am sure you are well aware, billionaire and “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk has recently and completely bought out Twitter, one of the largest and most left-leaning social media platforms in the world. It is assumed that in the coming months, as the deal closes, Musk will be making some rather significant changes to the company.

And as one man just propositioned, that could include a move of Twitter’s headquarters.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, Schwertner Farms CEO Jim Schwertner offered to give Musk no less than 100 acres of land if he would only move the company’s current headquarters in San Francisco to Schwertner, Texas.

Schwertner wrote, “Elon Musk, Move Twitter to Schwertner, TX. 38 Miles North of Austin in Williamson County, and we will give you 100 Acres or FREE.”

Talk about one hell of a deal, right?

I mean, what could be better than taking Twitter and its left-leaning employees out of liberal California and placing them in conservative Texas? That’s my thought, at least.

But it’s not really the only reason why Musk should definitely consider the idea.

For starters, this farmer is going to literally give Musk 100 acres. Not sell, give. He will have to pay absolutely nothing for it, minus what it actually costs to build a new headquarters there, of course. I don’t know about you, but where I come from, where acres and acres of farm or agricultural land are worth millions and millions of dollars, this is a pretty big deal. And one Musk should not refuse lightly.

Another reason to consider it is that everyone and their brother seem to be running to Texas for one reason or another, making it an area of explosive growth and opportunity. Already companies like Dell, AT&T, ExxonMobil, and others have recently switched to Texas. And Samsung just announced a move to Texas, as well – to Taylor, Texas, a mere 20 miles from the land Musk has been offered.

Musk himself has even done this already, by moving his electric car company Tesla to Austin, Texas, back in October. And according to recent reports, the company is already thriving there, having already pumped out its first Texas-made products.

It’s important to note that, as the farmer says, Austin is only about a mere 40 miles away from where this potentially free land is located, meaning that Musk wouldn’t have to travel far to go from either Tesla to Twitter or vice versa.

Additionally, according to the Daily Wire, Musk moved two other companies of his, SpaceX and Boring Company, to Texas last year. And so far, there has been no word of regretting that decision.

This, of course, has much to do with the vastly lower taxes and cost of living to be had in Texas, as well as the lack of liberal discrimination.

It would also seemingly set Twitter apart from all of the other Big Tech social media companies, as they are all located in California’s Silicon Valley area and, as such, are subject to following the rules of the leftist establishment.

Of course, Schwertner has his reasons for offering up such a deal too. Namely, that is to better his community.

As the landowner told Austonia, “We think it’s a good idea, especially when you’ve got Samsung coming to Taylor. I mean, this area is exploding, and we want to be part of this explosive growth.” Naturally, such a move could bring enormous economical increases to the Schwertner area by providing jobs, as well as just being the home of such an iconic and world-renown company.

But Schwertner would also be proud to partner with a man such as Musk, who is clearly making a stand for our Constitutional rights. He says, “I want to be part of his plan if he’ll come visit with us.”

It’s far too soon to tell if Musk will take Schwertner up on his incredible offer. One could argue that it nearly seems too good to be true. In any case, I’m sure Twitter is in much better hands now.