Corrupt Joe Biden Refuses to Admit That He Is at Fault for High Inflation Rates

Ron Adar /

America is suffering under the weight of one man that has made it his goal to torture the people and destroy everything that makes America a great place to live. Joe Biden has single-handedly taken the country to the brink of disaster by making decisions that inflate prices on consumer products. The nation has never seen the level of inflation that exists under Biden’s leadership.

The president has tried to dismiss the higher prices by blaming them on various situations. The old man tried to blame Vladimir Putin for the high gas prices. And, then, he tried to excuse inflation on other things that came up after the prices took a significant jump. Biden refuses to admit that the higher prices directly result from his bad decisions and the expensive legislation bills he signed into law.

Biden’s latest excuse goes back to when Donald Trump was president. Trump placed several tariffs on the Chinese government because they were ripping off all the countries with trade agreements. The problem with Biden’s logic is that those tariffs were in place long before the prices climbed to current levels.

All of Biden’s staff are promoting that cover story. Jen Psaki is the White House Press Secretary. And she stated that “We’re certainly looking at where we see costs being raised and, at a time where we’re seeing heightened inflation, certainly [import tariffs are] on our minds.” The truth is that Biden needs a way to logically lower the tariffs on the country that controls his loans.

Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor is Daleep Singh. He has echoed the same bunch of garbage, trying to blame the high inflation on Donald Trump. He even noted that he wants to change the tariffs to be friendly towards China. He maintains that lower the tariffs will lower the inflation rate.

Newsbreak reported that “The tariffs in question were first implemented in 2018, when the Trump administration slapped steep levies on over $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, to combat what then President Trump described as China’s ‘unfair practices,’ such as forcing foreign companies to exchange technology for access to the Chinese market, and reportedly dumping cheap goods in the U.S.”

The tariffs were in place years before Biden ever set foot into the office. The inflation problem did not start until after Biden signed his first socialist packed bill into law. And the tariffs were never a problem until the old man needed another reason to pass the blame for the high prices.

Even when the president stole the White House, his administration did not want to mess with the tariffs. They left them in place until such a time that they could be used to cover up the horrible mistakes that Biden continues to make.

Biden’s experts propose that lowering the tariff percentages could reduce how much people pay at the stores. But that will only affect items brought into the country from China. There are items made in other parts of the world sold at inflated prices. And those prices have nothing to do with the tariffs.

The truth remains that Joe Biden is the sole reason for the inflated prices. He has emptied the shelves and raised prices on all consumer goods because the heart of the president is a desire to turn America into a socialist nation. America would become a nation of extremely high prices and empty shelves. It would be another failed socialist country in a long line of countries that tried the destructive form of government.

The only way to combat inflation is open the market up to the competition. Biden flunked economics classes that taught more excellent supplies and reduced prices. And the opposite is true: higher demand and fewer products raise prices. If Biden is serious about lowering the country’s gas price, he needs to let Americans drill for their oil. It would create a surplus that would lower the price at the pump within days.